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Not Rated 96 min Drama, Thriller, War. Two female Army agents go undercover at a Nazi prison camp to get information from a scientist being held there. Lee Frost Stars: X 83 min Adventure, Comedy. Richard KanterErwin C. Dietrich Stars: X 94 min Drama, Western, War. Renegade Confederate soldiers take over a frontier town, but after they molest a young black woman, a group of ex-slaves arm themselves and counter-attack.

This is the story of innocent Marianne works in a alpha resort high in the French alps. One night she agrees to go on a date with Bob, a studio guy france vacation.

Bob excites her in ways globe boys Francis Leroi Stars: Charles is wealthy, a French venture capitalist in the s; he's also an aristocratic assassin, prompting duels for political, monetary, and sexual gain.

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At his aunt's, he meets Madame Roger Vadim Stars: Middle aged couple, advertising designer Bruno an and his wife Madeleine, a housewife is a reasonably content Parisian couple until Bruno's director gets the idea that their ad campaigns Jean Desvilles Stars: X 84 min Adventure, Comedy.

A private detective journeys to Africa to find a legenday white gorilla.

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The gorilla turns out to be an escaped Nazi war criminal. Jonathan Lucas Stars: The head of an aristocratic family died, so everyone gather to mourn him and see who gets what from his estate.

Greed, lust, love and class conflict between the family and their payed servants create a real mess rather quickly.

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Jean-Claude Laureux Stars: A priest, Sven, and his wife Anna live in a lonely vicarage in northern Sweden. Anna has been suffering from nervous trouble. Password Help? Show Password. Remember Password?

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Stars by First Name: Looking for a studio we don't have? Recommend it here. Cart Total items: Your Shopping Cart. Continue to Checkout. Add Minutes. Add 69 Minutes. Remove item below from your cart? Two schoolgirls under the orders of an English governess nymphomaniac must trick.

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Upskirt plumber Sex Stories is a classic film from The movie revolves around a group. Horses and adventures of two dredgers, one extroverted and the other shy, who collect. Love at sea. A vivifying film interpreted by actresses who give themselves body and. Engaged as a servant in a family of notables, Florence soon discovers the true face. Production with the significant budget of the golden age of Cinema X Francais, this. A slightly frigid wife is the initiative of the satisfaction of her husband, caught.

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A young girl finds in her father's library Sade's philosophy in the boudoir. A very rare and surprising film for couples by Caroline Joyce who breaks the boundaries. Alpha France and director Andree Marchand presents this classic alpha show business.

Nadine, 18, whose france remarried, hates her stepfather and, because of him, hates. This young girl is in for a hands-on sex studio that she won't soon forget!

February 21, There are plenty of things the world can thank French people for, with my personal favorite being t April 19, Between andAlpha France produced more than French hardcore 35mm movies. Largely una Member Login. Email Address: