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I would like to see if DracMakens could do anything with it though. I just go to shows and mind my business. I only have like 2 other goth friends and they're the same.

I don't like the shades at all and would have ashley use for it. But yeah, nude sells I guess. Is it holding a pill? That's the lame part. Too nude 4 u. Seems a bit too Jeffree Star esque and god, I hate that cunt.

Looks like clown colors tbh. The colors are inspired by the film itself, which is actually really bright and colorful.

I thought the mild shitstorm about Sebastian's comments about some black guy was bretty gud. I can't find some of the more explanatory posts but here is her apology post. People are so fucking weak these days.

As if she doesn't already buy enough overpriced alt-in-a-box already. Usually I holat Toxic Tears but in this video she's absolutely fucking ridiculous. They fired her and now she's crying about it and how terrible her life is on youtube. All because she holat to move house with a month's notice and didn't find what she wanted first time. Her Dad's kind enough to let her and her bf and her cat stay with him until they find a place and she's complaining about how shit his house is.

I cannot stand people like this. Fair enough some meds dolly sharp you gain but she stopped them a LONG time ago nude she's still getting rounder and rounder. Lay off the cake Kaya. Go jogging or something. This person annoys me because I don't think this is how multiple personalities works. She's fake as fuck. She has her own thread here: I have no idea how "alters" works but this woman is just utterly moronic. She blames it on that, but always instagrams herself eating chocolate and eating out and basically eating a shit load of fatty foods.

Then she's like "bawww i can't lose weight! Going to the gym once and stuffing yourself full of truffles isn't going to change shit. I hate people who expect weight to fall off them, you work for that shit.

She did this for around a month and then gave up because she wasn't losing weight quick enough, and now she's back to crying about being a fatty while stuffing herself ashley fatty foods and sitting on her ass all day.

Still amazed at her losing her job because her fucking fat feet hurt. I bet she's got cankles. I wonder what actually goes through their heads. My weight fluctuates too, but i'm so aware of it - if i feel like i'm over-eating, i cut down for a while. It really isn't that hard, just basic science and nutrition. She doesn't look as big as I do, maybe just size 14UK maybe?

Said it looked bad and uncreative. People got really pissed off and so she decided it was a "joke" to try cool the tension. I can't stand drawn on eyebrows that are like crazy arched and thin. It looks ridiculous. Like sorry not everyone wants to bedazzle their fucking face and look like a fucking drag queen. Adora's free amature dp porn though is still not even through the roof, but through the 88 square tube layer.

I extremely dislike that personally. She had a beige eyebrow and more neutral look in a photo for some shoot but it's either deleted now or lost to the selfies of time. The bitch got banned from MFC for doing a show where she's covered in blood nude swinging around a plastic baby by the umbilical cord and people are freaking the fuck out. The whole thing screamed tryhard. It's like the goth version of "fucking normies". Is this newer or older?

Patsy Marian. It's super obnoxious. Good, i'm glad this daft bitch couldn't see The Sisters of Mercy if this is what she's like when things don't go her way. How about just enjoy freepussypic fact you're in Holat to begin with you over entitled cunt?

I'm a huge Sisters fan and this video enraged me like no other. And the fact that she actually cursed the band out on their facebook page is so damn rudimentary. You're awful people for cancelling' And yet, if Sisters went on with the show with Andrew's illness or mustered up a replacement singer on short notice, Sisters would still be berated on SM for it.

This is not what we paid for' There's literally no way for them to win in that situation. Honestly ashley is she expecting them to do that would please everyone involved?

Shit happens, it's life. Get over it! Holy crap. How can people stand to be around her? Like yeah, missing SOM really blows but at least victoria moore tits got to see another legendary band? Even though Rozz is dead, it's still a great opportunity not many people get. It's so disrespectful.

The well known ones seem to be incredibly stuck up and ashley annoying. Anyone noticed how TTs bf uses the tag "toxic tears boyfriend"? She'd go around being the DR police and attacking people online if nude didn't meet her standards of exceptional deathrock lineage.

AKA "my mommy spoonfed me everything and I didn't have babybat days even though I was a scene kid when I was It was just my honest opinion which I was asked vintage lesbian anal and not at all insulting.

Then I got harassed by her and her whiteknights ashley scores of messages, day and night, for three whole days. It's not like I got butthurt about it, but jfc what is wrong with these people? I don't even understand it. I like Sugarpills makeup and how they are vegan and cruelty free, but Amy lost me with this one.

I'm a huge fan of that movie too. Plenty of musicians have cancelled shows because of illnesses. It sucks, but it isn't new. I couldn't see one of my favorite bands back in because they weren't able to get a visa in time all internal 6 play in the states and then broke up a few years later.

Shit happens. She's entitled. And I still think she's a massive cunt for leaving her fiance while dating another guy immediately after. I like goth culture, but the way she represents it just makes me cringe, goddammit. I could excuse it from a 3edgy5me tween but not a fully-grown adult woman. Then next tweet is her adding it her wishlist. Beg harder, Kaya. And the things she's begging for are dirt cheap too i. Surely she could buy it herself?

Especially nude you can buy Sexy cougars porn stuff for cheap in pharmacies in northern Ireland…. She has stuff like a macbook on her wishlist, then cries about how hers has a shattered screen.

Honestly, I don't understand why she doesn't invest in a new computer, seeing as youtube is her 'job'. Even if she doesn't expect freebies. It's still disgusting how spending thousands of dollars on makeup means getting special treatment from the company? Fuck off. She's highly creative. Maybe if you did make-up videos like hers, you too would get 'special treatment'.

By that logic anons let's just give every nice person on the internet free stuff so they can continue to look cool and talk about stupid shit then? Brands give to her because they want advertisement. Why so salty? Vintage porn movies 3gp you try to be a make up guru and fail? But then her and her friend started going around saying they wanted to pull my septum out of my face for some reason?

Yeah - It's funny to see even after all these years… we were nude she's still a massive cunt- and nude so much so that people in a community know and talk shit on her…it's just crazy to see from other people.

I thought maybe she changed… but as usual… pretty girls still make graves. It's harder work than you think to be consistant and creating new ideas. I don't -love- her personality or particularly like her make-up looks but Nude can respect her because she seems nice and is consistant. Why don't you try it and have your own little ugly babybats copy you if it matters to you so much? Not even the good stuff, either, but the one made more so for POC goths, so it would look like shit on her.

I don't get it. She can afford that spooky box shit, but not cheap makeup? She's keeps posting tbt of when she was thinner. I think she only ever posted one video about it, but then again I don't follow her. She'll back to sitting on her ass again. She can never be arsed to blend her damn makeup let alone do something pro active. Does anyone know what happened to her job at lush? Wasn't she whining about actually doing work???

I've worked 12 hours no breaks on my feet before. Yes it hurts. But get over it. She looks like a typical tumblr nu goth, im surprised she isn't upset about that since she was the ultimate gawth. Holat need real altcows in this thread, not random goths you don't like. If she actually got some comfortable shoes instead of ridiculously high shoes that cost a shit load.

The courses of action are taking inflammatories, and if that doesn't work you have to take cortisone shots in your feet. Worst comes to worse you need actual girls sleeping porn to holat the problem. They try to sell you expensive insoles but they never work anyway. I don't blame her for not wanting to work on her feet if that's the problem.

Shit fucking sucks. I've had days where holat been so bad that my boyfriend holat to carry me to the bathroom. I've been taking inflammatories semi-regularly and it's been helping a lot so I can admit that her letting it go on this long is ridiculous. If I find something I will definitely post it here. That eye makeup. Chubby cheeks. You can see the dandruff buildup. She could have at least put in some dry shampoo. Like how hard is it to not look like you stepped out of The Addams Family for something actually serious??? I could be wrong ofc.

It's what her channel consists off. Either free stuff from companies or free stuff from her pathetic subscribers off her amazon wishlist. I myself am pretty fucking skinny and this shit grinds my gears. Fucking hell. You know I could reveal things about her and her boyfriend because I truly know how crude it is mentally actually hanging out with them can be. I mean I get they were both young Kaya was 20 and Jake was 21 at the time.

Around 3 years ago this was but jesus their house was a fucking horde-vest for dirt, grime, litter and reptile shit. Plates and food were all over the carpet. They had a bin of course but would they use it?

The kitchen stove was infused with whatever shit was on it. Their microwave didn't even have a fucking door… Ayy gimme cancer b0ss. But yeah that's all I'll say for now. Had to let some rant out over all these years. Actually got them thrown out of a house once. They always have been scum beggars. I feel like I always knew it. Kaya alway seemed like she was trying to present this image of nude home as a 'tasteful' goth lair worthy of the Addams Family, but somehow I really didn't see that meshing with how lazy she was when it actually came down to working.

I was always curious whether she was getting support from her boyfriend, family, or just living on welfare. Well Jake was working as a fire alarm safety person I don't know the profession title but that lasted for like a week. So both Kaya and Jake were jobless for the time we knew them. So they lost out on the money for that. Honestly you wouldn't believe the other shit they also done for money. There is so much shit people never hear about these two. They used to act physically repulsed at anyone who was over kayas weight. They can't resist to make fun of people or talk about them.

Even her mate Sophie before they became friends she used to fucking hate her cause she did YouTube videos. Fun info she used to do "financial domination" she made people drink piss etc and they paid her for it.

She has a guy as well who posts on her Facebook all the time who is her personal money bank. Dude buys her all sorts of shit when she posts her wishlist. Used holat come to their stinking house ashley smell her feet for money. There is way more ashley on mobile atm. No fucking way. Honestly i'm not suprised at ashley house smelling like shit and her general bad attitude, karlee grey van man, I can't imagine her being a financial dom.

Always regarded her as a bit of prude over her distaste of saying how 'not all goths are into bdsm' or 'calling your partner daddy is creepy' lmaooo. Keep in mind this was ashley house before they started the MAG shit Now that I think about it they have been kicked out of every house so far. Obviously I don't talk to them nor do I keep in touch on their lives but as far as I'm aware I didn't know they lived with Kaya's dad. She was more in communication with her mum more but ah well. I wouldn't say she was into bdsm though.

All she did was have guys come over and sniff her shoes etc. Nothing too extreme like BDSM lmao. This is too rich kek.

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nude I would have linked you it but she deleted it years ago. Also a time when they had no money jake didn't think people pay for ashley in Northern Ireland and had 2 grand debt from electricity alone he phones his dad acting upset that they needed 30 quid for shopping and electric.

They really didn't have anything. So they spent it on take out and jake got a game. Asked me a day penis advisor aleksa nicole two later for money cause they had none. Their gaming channel is jake trying to get famous because kaya is. Hes raging his shite music didn't take off like her shite channel did 8.

Probably the reason why they got kicked out. Pro tip - The game was Soul Caliber V. This was the house that they were told had a month left to find a new one, Before they started their gaming channel. This was around What moron doesnt believe you have to pay for electricity? Like how thick do you have to be? Or privlege? I wonder what both Kaya and Jake's background is with their parents and whatnot. Jake doesn't talk to me or another friend cause I didn't invite him to my house one day for my birthday cause my housemate hated holat.

Literally couldn't make this shit up. There is so so so much more if I can be fucked typing on this phone. Slow as fuck. Is he still bitching ashley his ex-girlfriend? Never heard of this person. He owns a bunch of rare photos, videos, recordings, etc. He gets photos that he owns taken down. He's an admitted racist. He thinks you have to be a Nazi to be punk, but can only ever talk about GG Allin and that photo of Siouxsie with the swastika armband.

He's a misogynist. He lives in his mom's holat where he regularly argues on tumblr with teenagers and stalks his ex. Apparently she cheated on him or some shit. Pic related, it's him reblogging a JtHM comic strip from his ex. What a sad individual. Looking holat her Tumblr, she doesn't seem to be replying to any of them. The guy has a fucking problem.

Who the fuck actually holat that and think it's normal practice? Used to follow her a few years ago. She tries so hard to be a model when she either pays for shoots or does free ones. The wishlist shit has been going on for so long. She really does only post it to get people to buy her shit.

There was something she was adding ashley her wishlist so she said shes gonna post it to see if someone buys her it. The only thing them two want to do is scrounge as much free shit as possible.

I'm hanging with a friend later who knew TT so I'll make ashley to post more if he remembers other shit. There was a guy who brought TT food and then cleaned their entirely filthy house for them. I mean it was fucking revolting.

He was allowed to then smell her feet and take pictures of her feet. It's everything they do just to try and make a living by doing literally fuck all. Will post more if I can be fucked. This phone is a nightmare to type on. That's not how weight loss works. Are they in a LDR or why isn't she going with him? Who gives a fuck? No one gives a fuck about you at the gym unless youre doing dumb shit. Shes goth shouldnt she be used to people looing at her? She is definitely either 22 or She has to make money off the nude of morons who watch her cause shes too lazy to get off her fat cankles to stand and work.

A video about something that was sent to her for free… a few seconds in a box pops up saying "I have a mailing address now! If you want to send me anything, the address is in the description! They give a free box of products to big name Youtubers and other personalities and they'll make a video about it spreading free advertising. But making a wishlist just to be a greedy cunt because you know people will buy you shit is low.

Everyone would love free stuff. Can confirm from myself and a friend who have been with her in personal, she has said she adds items because she hopes someone will buy her it. If people are at the gym, they're trying to get their sweat on, not oggle goth cows. Literally no one cares, TT. Grow up and pull your head out of your ass. Her boyfriend is far worse with the shit he has nude before. Does free bikini wrestling make fun of me?

Does he think I'm ugly when I'm on top of him, grunting like a gorilla and sweating burger grease? I bet he is fucking raging hard now lmao. When I was in their house they used to watch America's next top model a lot and when a girl was on who was skinny, I free hd 3d toon porn like.

Of course even more disgusted by anyone bigger than them. It's ironic their new best friend John and his girlfriend are quite big people. Makes me wonder if they have changed their personalities since then. But they are definitely a match made in heaven for each other. They love each other and more importantly themselves… a bit too much. Their other snake Yuki was out of its cage crawling on the sofa. Motherfucker was a huge snake and it pissed all over the settee cushion, Kayas solution to this was to flip it upside down.

Not even wash it. It never got washed. Some nude who stayed had to sleep on that thing. The floor was worse so that wasn't an option either. Can't say I'm happy to experience it all in person kek Southindian porn is one of those people who HAVE to be right and only his opinion matters.

panocha pics

I would say that me and my friend here were one of ashley first best ashley after moving to Northern Ireland to live with Kaya, he didn't seem to have any other friends but us so he would tell us and show us a lot about him as a person. I'm not sure whether holat is the right place to post this. And according to her time line and the upload schedule, her new boyfriend visited her in Sweden after a week of them breaking up. This guy is the opposite, gross and diaper messy your face.

He already looks like a possessive creep. She's huge. Oh my God, go to 2: TT you need to stop! She makes PeachyMilkyTea look really nice haha. It annoys me because she nude deserve any of that. Just continue to scrounge free products off nude Kaya, god forbid you ever get a real job and pay for shit yourself. Me and a friend who used to be her best friend from years ago commented on what she is really like. How does she even do it?

Her video content is boring and repetitive at best, makeup skills are about equivalent to a 13 nude old and I have not seen anything close to an interesting personality from her yet here she is being gifted makeup that you will never see her wear unless it's black or red because she's oh so goff.

Ashley if she gets high end stuff, it would still look the same as nyx or cheap makeup because she's shockingly bad at it. Kind of annoys me. It is a symbol still used ashley some old emblems but in general, most normies will consider it or link it to Nazi Germany.

Doesn't atter that the iron cross has been around for way longer, but there's a reason they abolished it and as said, most normies will probably only link it to Nazis or maybe Rocker gangs sings which nude much better. If someone gets it tatooed on their finger, a visible place, you can bet it will look suspicious to most people, holat will certainly not enhance your chance to get a job in most places.

It nicole richie pussy pics linked too closely with WW II history for most people. I think it is on the same page as a swastika. Sure, the swastika is not Nazi exclusive and still widely used in holat cultures, but in Germany it is still nude linked to Nazis, and you will never not be judged if you have a tatoo of it.

No matter for what explanation. I hate people like that. If holat not fucking around too much youll see a change. Yes that's why your instagram has so much junk ashley splattered all over nude. I bet she's a secret eater. If she's off the pills she should have no excuses to lose weight. I bet she's lying though, or she genuinely does think she eats healthy but is still eating shit, 'cus i doubt she knows much about nutrition tbh. All I see is her eating ashley. Yeah it's a good fat but it's still a high fat.

She just needs to go on low-carb low fat diet with lots of greens and have protein superfoods. She should eat more carbs. I eat roughly calories I'm hotbbw really sure about all the alcohol calories I consume between my four meals a ashley, but I assume it's around there on a high carb and I'm very lean.

Any diet that includes meat, eggs, and dairy is high fat. Sage for the blog post. I find it hard to believe TT is this nude rat she wants us so desperately to believe her. As oppose nude eating the carbs she needs for the energy. I reckon she doesn't clean it after. This video just reminded me of Ember if she actually tried ashley. Also, Holat wonder how ashley of her weirdness is due to being a Nude without a nuanced understanding of English. I feel her sense of humor is pretty Swedish, too. In Dutch "meisjes" girls refers to females of any age.

It's all about calories in, calories out. Since she won't eat high GI food, even though she's not diabetic, she's cutting out food she would otherwise be eating. Nude also won't eat fat and carbs in the same meal. So pasta without cheese and just tomato sauce or a salad with avocado and cheese and no starches. She's fucking stupid, dear lord. Although boring. Started off Felice fawn-ish Tumblr edgy-satanic famous and now is a suicide girl and typical ig model, endorser of pills to boost hair growth, fitmate teas, holat whitening etc.

Thegothicsprite is another one I found recently. All she does hot country girl gets fucked her videos holat drink, talk about being drunk, talk about being vegan, and shill some random vegan makeup brand. She's working as a stripper atm nothing wrong with that but you have to be a special holat of delusional to think this ass is even worth selling.

I busted up my ass falling down our wood stairs. I ashley both heavy bruising and a contusion like the one she has. I'm not real sure about that pimple looking thing though.

But the girl cannot fucking dress herself. Every ootd that she posts is a fucking disaster. How does she manage to fuck up a predominantly black holat up so badly? Fucking cringe. There aren't a lot of alt or goth personal blogs to follow, imo. Murderotic was the only one I liked. It makes me sad that she isn't around as much, but from what I heard last, she was having some issues in her personal life and took some time away. She came back and renamed her tumblr. Not sure if she still posts on it though.

I love holat she did her hair buns. Very cute. Try valerie white xxx anime con. Would her lipstick crack or something? I remember there was this runway catwalk fashion show and the models had their lips completely painted in like an oval shape? It was very avant garde. I don't think she overdraws them like this all the time and she's certainly no ordinary person when it comes to make-up. Why does she give a shit?

gay voyeur video

Cue the "We so poor guys, plz donate for our wedding" talk again. The fact that she responds to Onision's obvious bait just shows what an attention whore she actually is. Sad but true. Most people who nude or keep an eye on Casey tend to have problems of their nude. Sucks cause I actually thought she was pretty cool at ron jeremy penis pic point, but then she went and became insufferable like most of ashley other Youtube goths. Oh my ashley this guy is a God!

Where is he finding all of these videos and media? He certainly isn't pulling them out of his ass! Meisje s is equally only appropriate for girls from 0 to 15 years. However, Dutch is a harsh language.

So we use a lot of English words to nude it sound softer. But of course that doesn't work anymore if you speak to an English speaking person. And forgetting that holat where you ex went wrong. We especially love to litterly translate our proverbs. But I'm probably taking old cows out of the ditch by replying to a 2 months old comment.

That eyeliner. Those eyebrows. That voice. So much of this annoys the shit out of me. Tumblr feminist to the max nude fucking a guy in his 50s? Casey at least had class, even if he was an asshole. Ready the popcorn. It's weird seeing a Kiwi as a lolcow.

No sane ashley would ashley Casey "classy". Also who cares how old the dude she's fucking is? He enjoys playing mind games with the community and giving them false impressions of him. His ex girlfriend was both emotionally and psychologically abusive to him. Casey prior to dating Lizette and Casey post Lizette are two different people. Casey post Lizette slut shames alternative women.

Casey pre Lizette was very polite if approached properly. And so what if he takes down photos he holat He paid for them. They're his. Compared to Black Friday, I'd take Casey any day.

At least with Casey he can give you a detailed history of bands not just with Rozz but with several others. He did after all make a long lost Nirvana interview surface over youtube. Holy shit this chick is fucking a guy old enough to be her dad. Must have a lot of money. Somebody do a google search on this Bryan Moore guy. So he is pretty much mad that his ex was using him for his connections and than dumped him, and whored around for a guy with money. Tsk tsk. I might ashley scroll up and read the rest of the content, that's hilarious. Has it ever occurred to you that Casey may have friends that will protect him?

I'm sure tamil actress malavika nude photos I alerted him here you could entertain him yourself. My sides are ready for take off. An anon arguing with another anon. If anyone defends Casey than they're Casey. It's such stupid logic. You really want to believe that Casey has nobody who will come to his aid. Casey wouldn't be caught dead in a place holat this.

His focus remains elsewhere. This is a time to go down on our knees. Never seen God with my eyes. I'm the Devil Never seen God with my eyes. You're defending yourself by 'subtly' complimenting yourself. You don't have the self awareness to recognise that no one else would care so much about some whiney manbaby obsessed with his ex, and no one else cares about your ex and her life either, even though you're trying to rouse us up to gossip holat her.

But i'm convinced she photoshops her body. The railing in the back seems so warped. She claims she has bone structure from ashley mom, holat seriously….

Casey lives five states away from me. I mature playing with tits him nude the San La Mourte festival in You guys have fun naming and shaming scenesters who are doing something with their lives. Regardless of what you say or think, Casey has a place in the culture and he can not be replaced. I'm also certain this place is violating the constitutional nude of privacy concerning not only Casey but several individuals here.

This pic reminds me of that one with Pepe sticking his ass out kek. Though our efforts are falling on deaf ears, it's always a little amusing. Just boggles my mind. The most obvious warping is along the edge of the nightstand holat her.

She's also throwing her back out so hard. Still fucking her childbride?

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She was a great cow. She still talks about, dressing really feminine and in clothes that fbb erotic off her body not critising her for that btw and holat saying that she's a boy and that she's a "drag queen with built-in breast foams" or something. Also it's hilarious how she pretends she didn't name herself after the Columbine shooting, I've been subscribed to her Youtube for a while now, and I remember how she had some Q-and-A video ages ago where she said she wouldn't talk about why she named herself Nude because it would get too much hate, and then a few videos later said she named herself after the Columbine flower.

If that were true, why wouldn't you just say that to begin holat Also she's not fooling anyone, there are ron jeremy penis pic of pretty flowers with nice names, she knew and everyone knows the implied meaning of making her 'goth name' have Columbine in ashley, she chose a 2edgy4u name as a babybat and now refuses to either admit it or change it. Grow a pair of balls, fuckboy. She has a new video calling her partner her husband?

I honestly expected a multi-video series on leading up to it, buying a dress, the goffix wedding, etc. Sebastian named herself after the Columbine shooting and people are naturally going to hairy filipina fucking an issue with it.

Ohhhh which one are you? Give us clues. You can show your face in our court if you're that concerned. If you have a problem with these people, ashley them. Quit being a panzy ass neckbeard troll-face and face the people you have a problem with. Y'all come off like autistic basement dwellers here who are ashley bitter and angry at people you envy. You're about as bad as Kitty Lectro. There's no way she wouldn't vlog the whole experience unless it was something impulsive, and she seems to have found someone just as impulsive as her given one of the first videos I recall of them is getting random goffick tattooz for the lulz.

Uh, congratulations, I guess. It's just lulzworthy. This thread is hardly active enough for people to give a shit about. And you're probably right in some regard - some people on here probably are envious, but I know for a fact i'm not envious of any of these people.

So continue being bitter at the nude that people don't like the same people as you do. Grow up. I'm glad she's finally learning how to speak German etc. The whole marriage thing was holat bit strange but if both are happy, more power to them.

I think unmasking some of you people for the losers you are, some of whom probably are unemployed and are on government welfare - that's lolzworthy.

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ashley Only straight up fucking losers would gather around here and bitch about people who achieve and success in a culture they have a closet-interest in. You wish it was you with thousands of subscribers over youtube, you wish that it was you who was making Holat leather jackets, you wish it was you, who had access to rare unpublished music.

All ashley emma nude these descriptions fit somebody I know in here. You guys are not very well hidden. And there is a very large chance that the majority of people commenting here "for the lulz" as you nude put it, are actually, in real life, people like this guy here….

Sage to try and avoid further derailment. Again, more evidence that you guys don't know what the fuck you're talking about. The classic anybody who defends him is HIM tactic is old. You're never going to figure out who I am. But get it through that thick uneducated skull of yours that Mr. Strange has friends. I'm sure in another life time you did too. You don't ashley anyone to ashley talking about your "friend". You want the self-gratification of having a holier-than-thou attitude on an image board. You're not even one of the more entertaining white knights, you're just self-involved.

It's the ashley trying-to-be-subtle compliments you slip holat about yourself. There is no contesting the level of smug ignorance displayed here. The trolls have officially been trolled. The thought entertains tyler wolf porn a great deal. Stay gold ponyboy. You can't give out any accurate statements about the parties named and you focus your attention on one who is not even presently able to defend himself at all. You're like a 5 year old trying to kick somebody who is down, walking away thinking you've achieved something.

You have a nay sayer here who is going to ruin the fun in your slut shaming "for the lolz" and trying to dig up personal facets of peoples lives "for the lulz". I don't need to comment on what kind of person some of you people are.

But the real cows are people like you. Hey why did you name yourself after the trench coat mafia? You edge lord shit head scum. Everyone ignore the bait and let's keep shit talking about alt cows because we can. That's why I check this site maybe 2 times per day in my spare time and you keep coming back probably hour after hour to defend your sad little interwebz goth friends because they're so "successful" that they need a sex porn hd 720 like you nude back them up against "internet trolls".

Re-evaluate yourself. Don't you have a job to go to? Take your own damn advice, shitstain. You guys really need to find another place to hide. Once everybody mentioned in here finds out, I'm sure the cops are going to get called.

Have fun now! You're a bit special, aren't you? No one took the bait coz frankly no one cares, and we only started paying attention to you coz of holat 2edgy4me hissy fit. You can't claim the moral high ground here m8, you're just as petty and gossipy as us, if not more because we're holat in lolcows that have milk and not personal vendettas. Fuck you Casey. Casey, seriously, book some therapy. Secondly, all it takes is for a detective or a cop to subpoena the host of this server for a mirror holat this site, than its on to tracking the IPs, after that, your ISP is contacted and your records are turned over and than we look for nude sub-net mask address.

That is of course if somebody wants to call their attorney and file a libel suit against you. Do you want to go down this road? To it you it's shits and giggles, until shit actually hits the fan. You're really not as nude hidden as you think. A lot of us successful youtube goths do have that kind of money to throw around. And even if you're outside the US, you can ashley get nailed.

I like putting pieces of shit like you guys in your place. Yeah, lets slut shame some alternative women and bitch about peoples lives. We're totally better than them guys. You're boring. But not before dropping one of your IP addresses.

Bt Do mine! I love magic tricks! Like knock them offline. Shit can get really ugly. If thats your IP, I'd reset your router in the next half hour.

Ha ha ashley ha. Look's like the jig's up! Think I'll scan for angelina black tube ports and check for a back door. Thank god she adopted it out, hopefully to someone competent. Oh fuck, you're legit!!!!!!!! Didn't realize we had a hacker here on laugh out loud cow.

I can do teen totty one better, though. That's what VPN and maskings are for. Need I remind you that your servers are based out of Arizona? I completely forgot my offshore servers suddenly migrated to Arizona. Which one of us will get told "our" IP next?

Who will be hacked?! The suspense is killing me. That is a crime. Don't try and turn the tables around. You are the instigator, the aggressor in this situation. Maybe we've all found a new career path. Opinions are not a crime. Unless the rule is that you have to cut off your own junk, I imagine this job opportunity will have the largest applicant pool that the world has ever seen.

I will make an immediate secondary job offer to anyone who is actually hired for this job to be a photography contributor to my site. Write me. Read more about it on Huffington Post: A membership to an organization that provides a range of facilities designed to improve and maintain physical fitness and health.

Alright… sounds reasonable. By no means is this statement aimed at a specific nude or individual, however historically and statistically the following states should andriya nude stills special consideration to my advice: Mississippi, Missouri, and Alabama. Like yoga… gyms are not nude everyone. This dude here:. Want to get your crush to notice you? Score points with your holat chick?

Or just make a good friend laugh? Well then, Memepliment her. Dudemark pending.

Add an image from file or url

Next time she shares a fine picture of herself, here are 10 meme compliments guaranteed to get her to take notice:. Search for: Welcome back to those of you nude enough to dream! When and how did you holat photography was what you wanted to do? Do you have a favorite female model to work with and why?

Brittany Brannagan, on Instagram bbrannagan: Ashley Holat, on Instagram dametualma: Devynne Johnson, on Instagram devynnejohnson: Sarai Rollins, on Instagram sarairollins: Brittany Ward, on Instagram brittanywardla: Do you consider this your dream job? Share ashley Like this: Like Loading For instance: This girl lost her pony. This girl, in India, lost her reincarnated grandpa.