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Big Bang Daesung K-Pop Sex Scandal Allegations | HYPEBAE

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Strictly Come Dancing Injured Strictly star Neil Jones 'positive' he'll return to the show this week Strictly Come Dancing pro Neil Jones has missed two weeks of live shows after hurting big knee, but he's told fans it's looking likely he'll be back on Saturday. The acts are marketed domestically and overseas as wholesome and pure fresh-faced kids who practise hard to do their best at entertaining and setting a positive example for young sex.

But beneath that glossy exterior, there has long been a unseemly underbelly to the industry. K-pop has scandal been dogged by rumours that young, aspiring female entertainers were pressured to provide sexual services for wealthy, well-connected men. The currently unfolding scandal is the largest ever to hit the industry, and could amount to an end of innocence for K-pop.

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From now on, it could be harder for the small number of big management companies one of which, YG Entertainment, recently cut ties with Seungri to market their acts as wholesome.

Local media reports say that members of the group chat watched the videos and made dark comments on the footage of sexual acts committed on unconscious women. He claimed that he was unaware of any illegal actives taking place in the building:.

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First of all, I would like to express my sincere apologies for greeting everyone with this kind of [matter] while I am serving in the military, as well as for causing everyone to worry. The building described in the reports is one that I purchased just before enlisting and is a building that has been under my name.

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I enlisted almost immediately after buying [the building], and as a result from it, I would like to sex more sincerely apologize for my inexperienced management of the building. At the time of purchasing the building, business was already taking place as there were tenants that had already moved in, so I was not properly aware of the illegal activities of scandal relevant companies.

For establishments that have been identified to have done illegal activities, we will immediately be taking legal action, and with my responsibilities as the landlord, I will do my big. Many celebrities who are in contact with Daesung also come [here].

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Since news broke, several businesses in the building have shut down abruptly. The sex trade has, as a result, moved further into the shadows, with sex workers finding clients online. As the scandal trade has vanished from city streets, prostitution, and gender relations more generally, have come to the centre of public sex in South Korea, with more women pushing to change long-held notions of how men and women interact. Those discussions are at peak intensity nowadays, amid a sprawling scandal big celebrities are businessmen accused of brutal mistreatment of women, cross dressing pron well as corruption.

Beyond being merely another shady case of rich men behaving badly, this scandal has spurred real reflection on what kind of society South Koreans want.

K-pop guru questioned by police amid gambling, sex scandals - Reuters

The most recognisable face involved in the scandal is Seungri, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun. Seungri is accused of arranging the provision of sexual services for investors in a nightclub. He has been questioned by police, and is set to face charges of arranging prostitution and embezzlement of funds from a Seoul nightclub that he worked for.