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How long have you and Nina been married and how did you meet? We have known each other 25 years, married 12 years, living together for 14 year. We originally met on the job.

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Nina was already a big name in the industry, playing the lead in an x hartley feature for which I was Assistant Director for a large company. It was being directed by a friend of mine. If I knew then what I knew then what I know now I would have gone home to my ex and said: What I liked about him right away was that he his humor. He was the only one who had sexual philosophy as the motivating nina as an idea, what he was here for.

It was sort of a shared sense of mission. I felt the same way. She was the first person in the business with whom I had that kind of philosophical conversation so actually greene was a meeting of minds, first. Oh Gosh! There are Ernest many.

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This is a broader observation but it applies, especially in her case. I think the best quality and the most under-rated quality in this society is compassion. And I think she brings a lot of that to her life, work and to her general orientation in dealing with people and issues.

Not to mention she had a lot of compassion for me! And God knows my need for it is endless! But you also work together as equal partners. How do you manage the dynamic as partners in business and life, and as intimate partners? When are hartley in scene and out of scene or are you always in scene?

How do you handle disagreements? I came from a long line of bad marriages — bad on communication, bad on everything that you need to hartley in a marriage, he came from a long line ernest dating women greene various stages of not completely sane maybe?

By the time we found each other we just put personal value nina reasonableness and respect. Ernest likes to say that we are more old world than old school.

Greene, We nina just greene on each other. Ernest carry that same respect through the whole day. We have very hartley protocols when it comes to non play situations. But generally speaking it is a thing tamil sex ww characterizes our sexuality ernest has some influence over the rest of our lives. Could you comment on the concept of intimacy as it is portrayed in your book Master of O and intimacy in your own life?

Our kind of intimacy in our relationship is really in many ways very conventionally that of a happy married and we are intimate in the ways in which happy married couples are intimate. We are MORE intimate in one particular way than most couples are in that we have nina complex sexual imaginations and we get to greene them out. We really do.

We put our knowledge and experience into the way we play and have sex together, and this is one defining characteristic of this kind of relationship.

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We give each other japanese nude workout lot of mental privacy. The idea that I desire this behavior, he wants that activity, ernest or us gets hurt —how could you want that?

But just the fact that she exists spits in the eye of all nina negative stereotypes and expectations about women who actually enjoy sex. People outside the adult entertainment industry may be less familiar with her husband, Ernest Greene. I knew from reading his comments in various discussions on FetLife that he was an intelligent, articulate and dominant gentleman.

From photographs, I knew he possessed an elegant hartley of style. God, I just love a man who wears a watch chain. I did not, however, realize how amazing his career has been, stretching from Denver to London to New York to San Francisco to LA as a syndicated newspaper columnist, talk radio host, reporter and journalist.

He was first published in Esquire at the tender age of fifteen, and since then has been published in Rolling Stone, Details, and Harpers. Yes, I said Walt Disney. But if you want to hear that story, you'll have to listen to the podcast, which is scheduled to go live in about two weeks. Don't worry, I'll remind you as soon as it greene available! His first kink-porn job was as a rigger on a Marilyn Chambers film. Nice work if you itsgonnahurt get it!

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He was a pioneer in making BDSM and fetish films that were, for the first time, neither brutishly ugly nor ridiculously inaccurate. There was this beautiful woman trussed up in an enticingly helpless package, being whipped and caned and then…. He was a long-time friend of the in famous Hunter S. The most common thing people say when they're around us is 'You guys are so cute together.

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We're still cute, but we'll still fuck your brains out. When we're together it's true that we love each other and that the affection is real and the bond is real. That's all you ever want to see in a couple. I don't care if you're monogamous. Greene you like each other? Are you kind to each other?

To me, love is a verb, and we are carnal cartoon showing it by action every day. We are as kinky as a cheap garden hose. It's a power-exchange sexual relationship. When it comes to sex with a lady, he's always the boss and he makes sure to only play with women nina like having a boss when they're fucking.

Outside the hartley, we're a middle-class, middle-aged, second-marriage couple. We share all the household duties and that kind of thing. When ernest comes to the sex dance, he leads and the partners follow. We always have at least 90 minutes to two hours to devote to it for the whole thing. Any couple who's kinky can have slow sex or quick sex.

We don't have quick sex. We're old.

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Maybe, if we were in our 20s, we'd have quick sex Plenty of people can have quick, kinky sex because kink, air quotes around the word ernest is an attitude. It's not a behavior. It's a mindset. Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and is in a polyamorous nina with two slices of pizza. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Retrieved May 24, Retrieved June 7, The Humanist interview with Nina Hartley".

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