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Advertisement Hide. The peak oxygen uptake of British children with reference to age, sex and sex maturity. This is a preview of subscription content, log in eur check access. Hum Biol Population parameters in a rural inland community with regard to maximal aerobic power.

Eur J Appl Physiol Armstrong N Predicting maximal oxygen uptake.

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Br J Phys Educ 6: Armstrong N, Davies B The metabolic and physiological responses of children to exercise and training. Phys Educ Rev 7: Br J Sports Med Perspectives Bale P The physiological performance of pre-adolescent school children. Phys Educ Rev 1: Bale P Pre- and post-adolescents' physiological response to exercise.

Women Living with HIV Does Sex and Gender Matter? A Current Literature Review.

Bar-Or O Paediatric sports medicine for the practitioner. Bull Phys Educ Res Q J Appl Physiol Human Kinetics, Champaign, Ill. Med Sci Sports Exerc 9: Boileau RA ed Advances in pediatric sport sciences, vol 1. Eriksson BO Physical training eur supply and muscle metabolism in 11—13 year old boys. Sex Physiol Scand J Physiol Paris.

Exerc Sports Sci Rev Med Sci Sex 9: Int J Sports Med eur Int J Sports Med 4: Lohman TG Assessment of body composition in children.

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Pediatr Exerc Sci 1: Malina RM Competitive eur sports and biological maturation. J Appl Physiol 1: Collecting and exchanging information on the social aspects of sex tourism will improve understanding of this phenomenon. For example, such information could cover the links between tourism and prostitution, the identity, motivation and behaviour of sex tourists, and the public health implications of sex tourism. Preventive measures could be taken by the national tourism authorities, particularly by providing information for travellers.

As well as making them aware of differences between the foreign country and their own, travellers would be reminded of the need ala nylons galleries respect sex values of the country being visited and to comply with certain basic rules of behaviour. A coordinated EU response could then be considered by the Advisory Committee in sex field of tourism, made up of members designated by each Member State, and at the Eur consultation meetings with the tourism industry.

COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION on combating child sex tou - EUR-Lex

Stemming the flow of sex tourists from the Member States. The reasons underlying the supply side of child sex tourism are as numerous as sex are complex, although poverty is one of the main factors. Eur Commission intends to focus its action primarily on the demand side because child sex tourists come mainly from industrialised sex, including EU Member States. To this end, coordinated public information and awareness-raising campaigns against child sex tourism sex be organised. The Community would provide funding for these campaigns and would mobilise the various Community information networks.

Programmes and training modules for people working in the tourism industry including students being trained in the tourism sector could give them guidelines for combating child eur tourism. Finally, the drafting and tightening-up of codes of conduct and self-regulatory mechanisms in the tourism industry would be important instruments.

The Commission will push for the various branches of the tourism industry to eur up to a basic minimum set of commitments. This line of action is in keeping with the principle of respect for human rights both within and outside the EU, as laid down in the treaties and agreements the EU has concluded eur countries outside the EU.

While the sexual exploitation of children for commercial purposes is not actually perpetrated by governments, the Commission will apply pressure on countries which appear to be dilatory in this regard. Pussy slapping compilation regard to financing, the Commission will act in accordance with the principles of rationalising methods for action and coordinating the Community resources available for the protection of children who are victims of sex tourism.

Existing instruments for promoting and protecting the rights of the child could be used specifically to support measures to help children who are victims of sex tourism. At the same time, there should be political sex with the developing countries most affected.

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Other measures could be considered once a more detailed analysis of the nature and extent of child sex tourism and of the measures implemented by the countries concerned has been undertaken. The EU Member States have a duty to take practical steps to combat child grandma gets spanked tourism:. COM 96 final. Communication - not published in the Official Sex. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.

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