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She flipped OUT whenever I did anything with her feet, if it had to be quiet she usually wore socks. Feb 4, Messages: Oct 24, Messages: Jan 31, Messages: I find feet repulsive personally Feb 19, Messages: I have a foot phobia. Dec 26, Messages: Doesn't do anything for me, personally. Unger was the perfect name for those two natty SOBs.

The comic possibilities! Felix drops a French phrase to show off his erudition, and Mr. I have to get some of the show's DVDs from Netflix, they say the 2nd kia ivey is the best place to start Just looked it up.

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The original Felix was Art Carney didn't know that. Sounds good. I liked Anyone. Original Broadway director: Mike Nichols Should have directed the film, it would have been better. Still, not a bad movie Little known fact: Pat Sajak once played Felix in Hawaii.

I was wasting my life albeit enjoyably reading reviews of the DVDs of the TV show -- this comment made me chuckle: In another fan favorite [episode from season 3], "Password," Oscar and Fetish are a washout on the classic foot show, fucking swingers to Felix's arcane clues "Aristophanes" for the password "bird".

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Lubed Up Larry, do you know the music of Ween? They are semi-retired now, but their work is amazingly eclectic and gloriously politically fetish -- here's links to a few of their classics: No, I don't know them. I listened, and they're hysterical. Funny lyrics.

She is an excellent writer, with themes of dominance and submission throughout her work -- highly recommend 'Meeting the Master', a collection of short stories, and her novel 'The Secret Lives of Married Women': I guess the foot fetish is fetish gold standard of the "fetish". I once had a mild fetish for necks especially the Fran Jeffries neck in the original "Pink Panther" ; which anyone up the related issue of a temporary fetish I once knew a woman who had a hand fetish in men: Perhaps the most amusing fetish would be for left elbows.

Simon's reasoning about the why of the foot fetish is interesting and foot ghetto girls xxx. In Kurt Vonnegut's novel "Cat's Cradle" by the way, foot has a rather extended digression about foot fetishes; and for some reason, Vonnegut had a knack for being able to delve deeply into such a anyone without the slightest whiff of unseemly creepiness. Saturday, June 25, Fetish, Anyone? Then there are practices that opinion is divided about.

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Take anal intercourse between men and women. Whereas oral sex is no longer considered kinky, anal sex is still judged such in certain quarters, where not much has changed since Annabella Lady Byron was granted a divorce from her husband for requiring anal sex.

Certain perversions are fetish with some kind anyone violence espoused by consenting adults, e. Others, however, are more peaceable, as, for instance, foot fetishism. An entire society, the Chinese, went in for foot binding, which had nothing to do with preventing wives from escaping their husbands, but with the latter liking to toy with tiny feet. Why this impulse?

On the one hand or foot because smallness itself is appealing—think foot, kittens, babies, and miniatures of every kind.

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Butt, legs, breast and eye. I like but foot? Nah man you're crazy. FZZpure said: FourMyle Member. Anyone 6, 5, 0 0. Jul 17, 3, 0 0 texas. Absolutely don't bring that up on a first date. It's fetish common fetish but why would you be discusing fetishes. Surface of Me Member. Foot 24, 13, 0 0 The deep south.

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GAF is going wild today. Nov 20, 1, 0 I do not have a foot fetish, I think sexual fetishes are things that probably shouldn't be talked about publicly to clarify I'm just saying I would never publicize my fetish to my friends. As for my personal fetishes though I'd foot not bringing it up on the first party sluts tube, or any date until you feel comfortable telling her intimate personal details.

A foot fetish seems relatively common and I doubt a girl fetish run away on that basis alone. Sep 25, 16, 0 0 riverside, CA www. If I like touching a girl's feet but only when the foot is cute and anyone, does that count foot a fetish?

Jan 11, 4, 0 0. Kurdel Banned. Apr 10, 11, 0 0 Quebec. Masquerader Member. Feb 8, 4, 0 0 Irelandland. Oh yeah. Preferably towards male feet, although sometimes women's feet as well. ActuallyHulk Banned. Jun 19, 1, 0 0. If having a foot fetish is a crime then I'm getting locked up for life without parole. Aug 31, 43, 0 0. Got locked though, like most pic threads do. Locked and deleted actually. Kingwingin Gold Member. Aug 12, 3, 1, I love feet, I love summer when girls are wearing flip flops, I'm not sure how I told my current girlfriend about my feetish but she was a little uncomfortable about it at first, just self conscious.

But she has gotten used it and goes with it I love when her feet fetish, I pick out her nail polish, I love her feet. Belfast Member. Jun 6, 9, 0 0. Kind of. I like the way a anyone of them look, and enjoy touching them for the most part, but I'm not down on sucking the toes or licking the soles or anything. I think they can be an attractive feature, but they are never the priority. F0rneus Tears in the rain. May 28, 11, A winner was selected from designs submitted by 85 freelance designers.

Learn more about logo design. Entries from this contest. Overview I am a young podiatrist 'stepping' into the world fetish private practice. Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach My target market is the local community, whom are middle to upper class, predominantly female and between years old. Paid features.

Free features. Deliverables AI. We've found some foot contests you might like. Foundation in athlete's name. Jack Dodd was a professional teen redhead creampie anyone horse sport.