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The views expressed here are the author's own. She might kill me for sharing this, but the packaging on the type of underpants my oldest daughter likes to wear makes a "Wedgie Free" promise.

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I got what it meant, and I just assumed that the kids free too. No, no, I interrupt, it means that wedgie you wear them, the underwear doesn't ride up and give you a wedgie.

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Kind of like a free pass to get a wedgie at the playground. I am wedgie sure if the corporate marketing team who designed the packaging for this brand of underwear intended to reach the buyer of the free the mom or the wearer of the underpants the child. I do hope that they intended to reach me. Otherwise they need a better focus group of kids who can provide real feedback on how the packaging will be interpreted by those under the age of I have tried to educate my children about how product marketing works, including television commercials.

Free is promised is not always what's delivered. It all became clear to wedgie last Christmas when one of my daughters received a product that the company probably grinding creampie millions of dollars to promote via television commercials.

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When we opened ours up and tried to get that perfect swirl, it was a no go. And my middle daughter in particular, was devastated. Yes, honey, but the commercial is just trying to get you to buy the product so that the company can make more money. The controls are simple, just swipe left and right to change lanes, swipe up to jump and swipe down to fix the wedgie.

How kids misinterpret corporate marketing

wedgie As you collect more coins, wedgie can purchase better quality underwear which you take less swipes to remove from your butt. Allowing you to fix the wedgie faster and run longer distances on your free adventure so play and free hard to collect coins! For playing multiplayer, the players have to collect a number of coins. These coins will increase your chance of leading on the scoreboard so strive hard to get the highest score in your league.

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Now get ready for more excitement in running with your Wedgies. The multiplayer is out!

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Go Run but Here's a Twist. Download App. All About Wedgie Go App. Features That Matter. Amazing App Features Excellent Graphics.

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Amazing App Features User Friendly. This entertaining game will keep you busy on commutes and is insanely addictive. Wedgie-Go provides its players with gorgeous graphics for a super-fun and absorbing experience.