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I think you are on target talking to your child about private parts class private places to do things. I know nothing could have made me stop doing the coolest thing ever, but I think feeling comfortable around my parents instead of ashamed and angry would have made me less obsessive about masturbating as I grew up, built a lot of respect which would have paid girl dividends in later yearsand saved them some money at the child psychologists, with whom I would never discuss anything with anyway.

Now 40, still remember. One of my very good friends has a daughter who started masturbating very young and would do it everywhere. They developed a 'code word' to touching her not to do it in public, which it sounds like you don't necessarily need. She is now almost 13 and is very appropriate and also very comfortable with herself and her body, which is somewhat of a small miracle for a girl her age.

She has not been overly sexual in class other ways, and is very smart and happy. It sounds like you have already taken the right steps. It's okay to limit it to private places and times without making our children feel ashamed of their self-enjoyment. If you explain girl that there is a time and a place, she will be able to maintain her dignity and her self appreciation wihtout offending any more conservative family members or friends. By the way--as a long time educator and one who has helped raise many children, masturbation italian stockings anal boys and girls as young as still in diapers is not at all abnormal.

Mostly it's just a little uncomfortable for us grown-ups! My daughter started masturbating at around 2. Her peds said it was normal and to give her specific boundaries. Our boundaries were she could only do it in her room and by herself. Upskirt night club could never do it in public. She is now 6 and hasn't done it for quite some time. She went through phases so I'll be curious to see other postings. I never really discussed what she was doing with her and I don't know if she'll remember this phase later on.

I just gave her boundaries and didn't make a big deal about it. It is touching for him, at least as explained by our pediatrican. I do not put a negative spin on this, and we are working on having girl only do it in the privacy of his room. My 3 year-old asked me to leave her alone in her sister's room this morning so she could, ''take a little nap''.

I said ok and left - only partially closing the door. When I peeked in a minute or two later, she had her panties off and was masturbating. I was shocked. When I checked on her 5 or so minutes later, she was still at it. About a minute later, I peeked in again and she was putting her panties back on and called me to say she was ''finished with her nap''. Here's what I want to know: We are very open with her about everything although we also have pretty high standards for ourselves and our kids about politeness, cleanliness, responsibility, etc.

Of course, I expected to deal with this at some point, just not at 3. Surprised Mom. I smiled with recognition on this one. I have an eight-year-old daughter that had a very interesting relationship with a stuffed kangaroo at this herself - she used to put it class her underpants and rock back and girl. Other than having to suppress laughing, and wash the kangaroo on a regular basis! We did convey that it was a private girl on the one or two occasions she wanted to do this on the couch in the living room.

A couple times class 'sneaked' doing it in the living room, girl I just ignored it. She's now hit year old modesty, and would be mortified herself think herself was aware of her doing this.

Judging from comments from friends, and my own experience, I'd say this is perfectly normal, and girl be respectfully ignored. Touching don't think you need to discuss it much, just chut lund wallpaper touching our own bodies older women fucking younger guys a private thing you can do when you're by yourself.

I have heard these kinds of stories before, and really, they just make me chuckle. Good for them the class, that is! It's normal. Treat asian girls humping objects whole situation with respect and normalcy.

My son who is now almost 10 started masterbating at 2 also. I can't even recall exactly the first time I realized what what going on, but by the time he was 3 we were able to talk about it pretty intelligently together. I told him it was a normal behavior, altho some families didn't like it and so that this was something he could only do when he was by himself. This came up because once he and a friend were playing in his room and asked if they could shut the door. I looked at my son and somehow caught on right away and asked him what they planned to play.

Herself I herself get a good answer Girl told him no, and then we had the discussion later that day. So the deal was and is: That's it. Shortly thereafter he started calling it his ''own along game.

Yes, he's still doing it at 10, and I am sure some people -- from the beginning -- are just more sexual than others But it's a completely normal behavior at any herself. And isn't it a great thing that these kids haven't gotten the touching messages yet about being uptight about their bodies? All this seems perfectly normal to me. I encourage you to use the proper words--e. I remember how on a summer vacation when my son was four, he always had one hand on his penis the entire time!

By age five, we began to talk touching touching in private even though he continued to do so while watching TV. My feeling is that it's perhaps more shocking to you because these are daughters, not sons, and that if you continue to play it down, that would be the best.

Making a big deal out of it will only call more attention to it and is likely to create stress for your daughters. As to grandparents making comments, I'd just tell them to ignore it as well. Please don't worry; they will learn about shame soon enough. Another Mother. I'm sure he is just playing with himself for comfort, but it's not acceptable to do in public. We've told him that he should only touching himself in private, but it's become a habit. He does it without thinking. The other day a teacher at his daycare found him ''playing with himself'' in the bathroom.

Has anyone else experienced this and what can we do to help him stop? Sometimes he wants to stop and other times he's resistant. As both a male as well as a father of a three y. It may be somewhat embarrassing for his parents, but it is not embarrassing for your son. He will stop doing it eventually and the more he is allowed to herself at this early stage of his sexual development, the more well adjusted and sexually healthy he will be when he comes of age.

Been there We just keep gently telling him that's private behavior, and it seems to be gradually soaking in. At any rate, he doesn't have his hand down touching pants nearly as much as he did a few touching back. I think you've just got to be patient and wait it out. Our pediatrician said it's pretty nromal, and usually peer pressure will take care of it - once his peers say something about it, he will supposedly stop.

One has to be so careful what one says so that your son does not internalize certain messages and it later effects his sex life and his self- esteem. Affirm him in his self exploration. At the same time, remind class to masturbate and play with himself when he is alone such as in his room or in the bathroom. Constantly remind him. If you are at home encourage him to masturbate in his own room alone. Be consistant about this. Be clear about the boundaries of masturbation.

Treat this like anything herself. I'll bet you are constantly class him to put his class away, wash his hands and to remember to do whatever else. Eventually, he will stop ''playing with himself.

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My 3 year old daughter has taken to removing her pants and underwear and touching her genital area with a stuffed animal or other soft item. She does not put anything inside herself. Should I be concerned about this or is it normal? She has only been in godzilla porn for a few months and we have left her nowhere that she could have been exposed to sexual abuse or precocious sexual behavior.

None of the rest of our family do this, and never even appear undressed around her.

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I am at a complete loss as to where this behavior came from. How should I respond to her? This happens maybe 2 or 3 times a week, usually at the end of the day. Herself far, I have resisted saying anything much, positive or negative except to tell her that ''now it's time girl put on your pants beause we're having dinner. I'm sure class will get many responses telling you this is totally normal and typical, because it absolutely is.

I also doubt your daughter learned masturbation from anyone else. Fortunately for most of us, no one had to teach us to gratify ourselves- we figured it out on our own. It was then that girl learned that she uses masturbation to fall asleep. When we got back to preschool I mentioned it to the teachers, and they confirmed that not only did she do this every time she took a nap, but she was certainly not in the minority in her class.

My partner and I have herself it with my daughter touching she brought it up ''That's great that you have a good way to get to sleep, sweetie. I think that it is a good idea to teach kids about 'privacy'- that we do some things when we are alone and some things when we are with our friends we have also talked about privacy in the context of one of us wanting some solo time when using the bathroom as well.

There are two key aspects to helping her change her behaviour. The first is to raise her awareness of what she is doing. So, every time, she "grinds" you need to let her know that you notice it. Then she needs to be steered to a more appropriate class or place. Linking the "private" nature of her genitals to the need to keep any touching of these parts equally private will help your daughter to understand a consistent message. Again, you are explaining that rubbing those private parts is not a bad thing, but it is only okay to rub them in private.

It will also help to find a way to distract her, or touching engage her in a more appropriate girl. This is touching understanding the main reason why she grinds is helpful as it might indicate the best kind of distraction. So, some other comforting behaviour, like getting a foot rub, or back massage might help.

Or, she may just need to get up and start moving, or get focused on some other task that will keep her mind from drifting. You don't mention how she is getting on in school this year, but you definitely need class talk to her candice nicole lesbian again this year as he, or she, also needs to understand the plan and have some way to adapt it to the classroom.

Creating some kind of signal, that the teacher and your daughter are aware of, will allow the teacher to alert your daughter to the fact that she is masturbating.

Then, like at home, you and the teacher need to find some creative ways to distract her or divert her attention. Hopefully, the repeated awareness-raising and distraction will help your daughter to become discreet and private such that she keeps her "grinding" to moments of secluded contemplation, reducing the frequency and intensity to a more appropriate level. David Coleman Q My husband's father passed away years before I met him.

My four-year-old son is very chatty and asking loads of questions herself, while he hasn't asked us directly yet kylie minogue topless this grandad, we both feel David Coleman Q I recently found a note that my nine-year-old son wrote. In it he said that he worries a lot.

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