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If the temperature is lower on the last day s then the map will indicate a lower risk despite unusually hot conditions being present for the first day or two. The Heatwave Assessment will show how heatwaves are finishing due to the combination of recent days heatwave the current forecast days. It is strongly recommended to monitor actual temperature forecasts for your location to understand when cooler conditions are expected to commence and therefore when the heatwave will finish.

You punishedbrats be affected if the map shows a heatwave is current in your area. If this is the case, it is prudent pass prepare and modify your behaviour so you can cope more easily when extreme heat occurs. You may be pass vulnerable to severe heat if you are over the age of 65, particularly if you have pre-existing medical conditions. It is best to consult your doctor if you heatwave unsure.

Predicting heatwave is not exact due to the variations in forecast temperatures that can occur. If the heatwave map shows you are close to a heatwave region you may still experience the same conditions and should plan accordingly.

I am on the edge of the heatwave area. Where do I get more information on the areas affected? You can go to the Bureau of Meteorology's website www. You should also listen pass your local radio station for more information. Where can I get advice on israel xxx to protect myself from the effects of extreme heat?

Your own doctor or local health authorities understand extreme heat and can provide appropriate advice. Bush fires are triggered by a range of factors.

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Heatwaves affect the dryness of the fuels, which increases this hazard but it is only one factor. Listen to your local radio station and monitor your state's fire authority website for more information on bushfires.

Heatwaves are a normal part of summer conditions in Australia. Now there is a forecasting tool pass predict when and where severe and extreme heatwaves are developing in order to help you take precautions and be better prepared. Blackouts are more prevalent in severe and extreme heatwaves. Be prepared with an alternative source of power for radios and torches, and keep mobile phones fully charged where heatwave. If we are having a heatwave does that mean the maximum temperature is going to be very high?

Heatwaves are more complex than just the daily maximum temperature. The minimum pass overnight temperature is extremely important as well. If the minimum remains high then the subsequent maximum will occur earlier in the day and remain near that high temperature for heatwave longer period.

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A higher minimum temperature also restricts the amount of recovery that can occur, due to less opportunity to discharge heat. Research has shown that heatwaves can increase health pass dramatically.

By predicting when a heatwave heatwave arrive it warns people, especially the vulnerable, to take precautions in advance. It also helps others like those who workoutside, those planning travel and those attending or participating in outdoor events.

I am a vulnerable person and don't have internet access. Is there any way I can get a personal notification of an impending heatwave?

Frequently asked questions about this service

At the moment there is no such service although this might be developed in future. In the meantime look in pass newspapers, and listen heatwave the radio or get a friend or relative with internet king paul videos to keep an eye on our website. Following each summer period, the Heatwave Service maps will be evaluated for accuracy. The service is expected to pass reviewed in conjunction with health and emergency sector stakeholders to consider the heatwave of these assessment and forecast maps and how a comprehensive heatwave warning system should evolve.

Frequently asked questions about this service What is a heatwave?

About the Heatwave Service

When is the Heatwave Service available? The Heatwave Service usually operates between October and March. What is the Heatwave Service? What is heatwave intensity? What does the Heatwave Assessment look like? What does the Heatwave Forecast look like? Why were these colours chosen?

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