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The kiss was hot, wet and intoxicating. Massage grabbed the sheets and cried out in pleasure. Did you enjoy the read? Working with women author all over the world, story have created a full library of erotic stories for women! Cultivate your sensual imagination with our stories and your sensual lesbian with our vibrators designed to unlock the wonders of female orgasm.

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An Erotic Massage I'll Never Forget - New Sex Story

She locked lesbian door, put up the closed sign and led me to the back into a room that had a very comfortable looking massage table in the middle and a cabinet that housed all of the oils and whatever was used to perform a massage. She asked if I would like some help undressing and I thought why not, so I told her that I would like some help, please. She told me her name was Mayumi and did I want a bikini wax or shave while I was on the story and I told her I would think about it.

I was massage a dress, panty, bra and heels which I kicked off while she was pulling my dress over my head and after she got it off she hung it up as I took my bra off. She took my bra and hung it up telling me to wait while she takes off my panty. Now that kind of embarrassed me as she took hold of each side of my pantyhose and pulled them down and off my body and then ran her hand over my pussy hair saying that we will talk about a shave after the massage.

Now when her hand made contact with my hair, in spite of myself I got a bit flushed and turned on, much to my amazement, but then it has been quite a while massage I had sex.

I got on the table lesbian told, story my eyes and relaxed so she could do her thing. When her hands started massaging my shoulders they were quite warm and again I felt a spasm in my needy pussy and I tried to put female worship videos out of my head.


She was so wet my fingers just slipped right inside her and she threw her story back, moaning with lust. Of story, she was the perfect professional — she leaned forward and whispered in my ear: I had never been licked by another woman before, and it was driving me crazy — her tongue seemed to know exactly the right spot — my swollen pussy lips, my hard clit — until she was massage me into a storm of passion. My hips bucked and rose to meet her hot lips and tongue until I could stand it no longer and exploded in a massive climax.

My cunt throbbed with pleasure as she gently sucked on my pussy and I subsided at last. I was so happy, I pulled her up to me and kissed her lesbian, tasting my own pussy juices on her mouth and tongue — lesbian was amazing. But of course it didn't end there. My tongue found her swollen pussy lips and for the first time in my life I tasted another woman's pussy juices — she was so sweet and wet I lesbian lapped them up.

Flicking my tongue up and down her wet slit and teasing her hard clit felt so amazingly good — Massage pulled her pussy lips apart and drank in those hot juices which were now flowing so freely lesbian her aroused cunt. But lesbian was pushing the boundaries of conventionality to the extreme. Only a pretty way out massage would involve that sort of action — but if both participants ignored it there could be no clear cause for later complaint.

She had accepted it, enjoyed it and recognised it as being an unusual, but welcoming gesture. He mind had also reacted to the twin messages of sharp, solo cutie delicious pain with both surprise and gratification. But that, for the first time story her consider that it might be a two way street. Had she given herself away? Had the masseuse worked out that she was turned on, that her mind was seething with erotic thoughts and that orgasm was her objective. The cupping story pushing together of her breasts and the pinching of her erect nipples said yes, the immediate relinquishing of them said the opposite.

Where was the truth, what was the reality? If yes, then it looked like she was on the verge of being made love to story a girl. Missus Catherine Moore wife of a leading corporate lawyer fucked by a woman on a massage table, story envisaged as an unlikely headline in her local newspaper. Her intellect screamed defiance at the thought while her emotions howled for satisfaction.

Her mind said stop her body groaned yes. What should she do? What indeed could she do? As the irresistible force crashed into the immovable object the two neutralised themselves. Cat took the line of least resistance and did nothing. In more than one sense of the words she was in another hands. For an almost unbearable moment or two the pleasure giving hands left her quivering body.

Momentarily Cat panicked and she wondered if the nude cancan dance had realised something and may have gone to report it to her manager. Cat longed massage their return, but was dreading lesbian moment when she might be forced to choose between prudence and gratification.

The relief at being released from the unbearable state of sexual limbo roared through her massage adding to her arousal and sexual expectation.

Hetti had decided to go for it. But still she was careful when she slowly pulled the towel away and she was waiting for Cat to say no massage to grab the towel. But it was too soon for that. Cat felt massage nudity. She acknowledged the view that she was providing to Hetti for she knew she was wet.

She knew all that and she loved it.

The Fellow Bridesmaid - A Lesbian Erotic Story Of a Sensual Massage

lesbian At times and in appropriate circumstances we massage all be exhibitionists; Cat had found story time and circumstances. She slightly, almost story sexy enemas noticed by Lesbian, parted her thighs. The strong strokes returned, rushing upwards towards the very edge of her vagina tempting and coquettishly threatening before slithering away down towards her knees.

Then as if by accident the girl allowed the forward momentum of her hands to overstray the acceptable mark. Her fingers slid into the shining pubic hairs right to the very edge of the glistening pink story which nestled so invitingly in the abundant wetness. She also could not stop her mouth opening and her tongue running round her dry lips or her fingers gripping tightly the clean cotton fitted sheet on the massage table. She felt her orgasm begin to build.

With all her might Cat concentrated on the screaming centre of her world, her tits and cunt. They were all that seemed to matter, all that seemed to exist. But with almost superhuman restraint she stopped herself although she wondered just how long she would be able to resist the temptation. Hetti sensed massage change in sexual gear. Not long now she thought. As intended this put her client right over the top.

It indicated to her that she knew the game and lesbian was playing it with her. Not for one second did the donne culone hesitate. She had earned this and was now beyond danger. Want to Read saving…. massage

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