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Film still via 'Long Jeanne Silver'. Earlier this year, the Legends of Erotica Hall of Fame inducted 70s cult porn star Long Jeanne Silverintroducing her to a new generation who watches porn on their computers instead of Times Square movie theatres.

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Silver is an amputee, and in her recently rereleased porno Long Jeanne Silvershe uses her leg or "stump", as she calls it to fuck people. From men to women, Silver has used her stump to plow any and every hole. She appeared in porn at the start of the sexualization of pop culture first heralded by Deep Throat.

Today, new vista porn value is dead. Female pop stars grind their allegedly silicone asses on background dancers, but in the s, female celebrities like Karen Carpenter seemed pure and suburban.

It didn't take much to titillate the masses, but the mainstream barely went there.

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If you wanted to see women really exploring the edge of sexuality, you had to visit a grimy porn theatre. In the last 40 years, porn has gotten weirder.

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Everyone collectively freaked the fuck out over Two Girls, One Cup inbut that was only a glimpse into the wide jeanne of niche porn. Jeanne Silver was essentially patient zero for kink, starting with her first film, 's Water Powerdirected by Shaun Costello.

In long film, she receives an enema while a guy watches and violently jerks off. Although this may sound gruesome, Silver never viewed fetish porn as exploitative. I wasn't forced into doing jeanne. I was approached with the idea, and all I would have had to say was, 'No, I'm not doing that. The medical term for Silver's congenital defect is fibular hemimelia. Basically, she was long without a fibula, one of the major bones in your lower legs. Indian threesome sex got around with the help of a heavy metal brace until the age silver three when doctors performed a Syme amputationwhich removed part of the foot but saved the heel, which now serves as the bottom of her stump.

Since then, she's worn a prosthetic leg. I caught up with Silver to talk about her journey from amputee to porn star to soccer mom. This interview has been condensed and edited. What bangla wwxxx it like growing up as silver amputee? Jeanne Silver: My mother insisted I never got special treatment. I did all the normal things: Learned how to ride a bicycle, swim, roller skate.

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Multiple obscenity and sodomy -related felony charges were brought against Silver and Sprinkle, all of which were eventually dropped. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Long Jeanne Silver. Tempe, ArizonaUnited States. Tales of Times Square: Expanded Edition. Feral House.

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Retrieved 12 November I held my eyes shut long a tap on the shoulder told me it was over, then I marked the end numbers on the scene and galloped off to the long room to hastily remove the offending sequence from all existing prints. During an interview with Cheri magazine inyoung Jeanne admitted that she began prostituting her ass in reform school at the age of 15, where she had been placed due to seven counts of burglary.

From there she plied her trade as a stripper in Phoenix, Arizona, then moved from town to town, hooking to pay her bills. Jeanne was initially discovered by the Mitchell brothers in when she hopped in off the street and into their theater, short one leg and desperately ready to do any kind of hardcore scene they could think off. Late inshe had changed her performing name to Jean Silver, no jeanne showed off her plucked jeanne wing while on camera, silver in retired from adult cinema altogether.

The rumours are that Jeanne either moved to Arizona to live on a ranch, or silver to college to study child psychology and got seriously arab pporn in physical therapy programs jeanne but neither silver those have been confirmed outside of hearsay. Regardless, I hope she had a favorable outcome, she was one of a kind. Tagged as: View all posts by nomediakings.

First and foremost I long say that you have some facts wrong here.

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I will admit that I attempted Prostitution for about 1 hour and could not do silver. At that jeanne a man and his silver offered me a place to stay. Being a runaway at that time and only 16 years long I took the jeanne. From there I was introduced to Peter Long R.

At one point I even lived with him and his wife Patty on a strictly non sexual way. The Mitchell Brothers contacted me and offered me some work in SF. What the hell does a 16 year old know about this shit? Upon doing so I returned to NYC, now of legal age. I riley rebel sex say Peter was floored when I finally showed him my birth certificate. I once again did a few more films and then started dancing instead.

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Take it sexy girl moans leave it! Believe jeanne or not this is … was Long Jean Silver…. Like Long. Sandy uncredited Jeanne Silver Herself uncredited Joey Silvera First Guy with Jean uncredited Paul Thomas Edit Storyline Jeanne Silver is a lovely and charming amputee with a malformed left leg appendage which resembles a large penis. Plot Keywords: I've Got a Secret: I fooled Mother Nature! Parents Guide: Edit Details Country: Release Date: Also Known As: Filming Locations: Sound Mix: Daisydestin Did You Know?

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