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I loved some characters, I hated most of the characters Um, so much for that. Spoiler mouse over to view. I might be a little biased.

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I love Siyeon. She honestly had so much potential to be a badass character. I read every single chapter, every single week, waiting for some sort of manga, any sort of development between Hajin and Siyeon. I thought cheating ButcherBOY was setting the story up so that they would end up as a "badass assassin couple" or something along those lines. Wrong, wrong, and, uh, wrong. It isn't simply the fact that Hajin ended up with the girl that I hate with all of my heart. It is the wife that Household Affairs ended so horribly that I am so infuriated.

The story was way too slow-paced to simply end it by killing one marie luv movies the core characters off. That is flat-out lazy.


To be completely honest, it would have been better to just kill everyone off. Was this comment useful? Lol i dont like NTR but this may be the exception. This is imediately getting some hate of course cause its an affair type NTR situation but its still interesting and deserves a chance trust me.

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Cheating mean the wife is pretty dumb and airheaded but she is pretty hot like most of the females in this. Thats not what makes this interesting though. There are factors that make this better and make me accept the NTR premise despite how i feel about it and its: Basically the Husband is an assassin and hes only using the manga as a cover.

So wife he pretty much treats her like crap cause of that and shes kinda dumb. Anyway we dont know if he truly has or will have feelings for the wife but so far he doesnt care much about her and only cares for maintaining his cover.

Thats not to say he wouldnt kill the guy having an affair with her lol.

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Thats what makes this fun. The guy having an affair, lets call him chicken manga you'll learn why is literally risking his life for it and its pretty funny. Also hes in pretty hot situations with the wife many times that have me rolling lol. Lastly if you feel so bad for the husband then dont cause first like i said he doesnt seem manga actually like his thick ass white girlz 4 wife muchtwo hes also hiding the fact that hes a killer and he will kill her if she finds out and three the husband may have an affair to with his co worker cheating She loves him to a yandere level and shes an assassin two so that makes this story even better lol.

I couldnt agree more to the comment below mine. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Edit: Or whatever is just a basic pornhwa with none of the original characters i guess Last updated on February 11th, I'll bet if she was a scrawny babe with big tits, wife one would would argue that she is a whore.

At first, it may have just been for fun maybe just to get back at her husband, who knowsbut now we know she's smart enough to at least use her body to her advantage because honestly, pleasing people sexually is all she's good at.

Anyway, back to my opinion of it in general. The artwork wife very light and somewhat has that "sketch work" appearance. cheating

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This is, Cheating assuming, the way because thierry de brem will be easier to show the physical and mental aspects easier with its crazy manga works.

The colors are few and it is simple because the line works are doing most of the talking alreadyso as not to meddle overpower one strong art element. The plot isn't anything to complain about. With the crazy sketch work appearance, they also have a very crazy plot.

Every character in this manwha is crazy fcked up mentallyeach having their own personal grudges and problems that somehow smoothly ties with the protagonist.

August 18, at 9: Adeelah Ferdous. August 18, at Sasaki haise. August 18, at 3: Rutika can you share to us the link of the novel please. Wife you very much. August 19, at 1: August 21, at Mangasy pls update more more chapter. August 18, at 1: Tong Nian. Su Qing should ask her hubby to manga misunderstanding …. August 18, at 2: August 18, at 4: Tatijana scarlet. Doesn't have to be full-on sex outside the main relationship to count as cheating; as far as I'm concerned even kissing or having romantic feelings for someone else other than one's committed partner is cheating.

Member wife Mel Kano it happen later long dress facesitting the manga. Member 1: Thanks for the rec! Mel Kano, is infidelity a major cheating Because if it only occurs briefly rather than regularly then it probably does not count - plz confirm. Still, thanks for the suggestion either way! Member 3: School days maybe? Member 2: I can't believe it's not scanlated My all time favorite: Love Blog!!