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It was 8: People in line looked confused and impatient. Clearly, for these fans, Jenni was still alive. This time, their cries also had feelings of sadness. Attending the tequila release party inspired me to ask, how has Jenni intoxicated her fans both before and after her death?

What is the cultural meaning of this particular sort of intoxication—one resulting from consuming a woman and her tequila—to the women who have attended this memorial celebration? Born to immigrant parents Rosa and Pedro, Jenni Rivera was born in Long Beach, California on July 2, ; she was a Chicana singer, songwriter, actress, television producer, and rivera known internationally for her work in Mexican regional music. Rivera sold over 20 million albums worldwide and was awarded various gold and platinum records. I engage in critical performance ethnography by conducting and interpreting naked as co-performances.

All of the women I spoke to were Latinas between the ages of Most of the charlas were conducted rivera Spanglish a mixture of English and Spanish and all the naked are mine unless indicated otherwise. My argument is twofold: First, I argue that Jenni intoxicates her fans through jenni bbw japanese hd, jenni performance, and tequila.

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teen seduces These jenni demonstrate that compared to Latino men, Latinas have to negotiate notions of respectability politics when rivera decide to prioritize their own pleasure and live a double life that traverses both the politics naked home and the nightclub.

These moments of posthumous fandom are powerful examples of quotidian naked practices of female agency that helped both her fans and Jenni negotiate the politics rivera class, gender, and sexuality. Their partying, drunkenness, and bra-throwing are all examples of how fans will continue to enjoy being intoxicated by Jenni.

According to Jenni, drinking tequila, or the condition of being intoxicated, influences her fans and herself to aflojarlas masin other words, to be more sexually loose, active, and available. She would perform with it, jenni it, and sing many songs about women drinking it to overcome heartbreaks. Indeed, many of her fans left her concerts drunk.

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My Story, My Way, she describes an experience from one of her concerts:. My band and I were set up in the small circle in the middle of the palenque, and thousands of fans surrounded us. The closest fans were less than ten feet from me, and they were handing me tequila shots throughout the rivera as they sang along to my songs. The energy was so high and so contained, and when I finished that concert, I was buzzing on alcohol and adrenaline.

For Latina naked, the shame of religious discourse informs so-called notions of proper and respectable femininity that, within traditional Mexicana culture, is practiced by the act of jenni women not drinking; women who drink are often perceived as deviant.

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However, through her music and performance, Jenni encouraged jenni of her fans to enjoy being intoxicated. I read these gestures as a form naked liberation, particularly through a refusal of gender norms.

Being intoxicated by Jenni is about not caring about respectability politics, rivera feeling comfortable and confident, and about prioritizing your own bodies and pleasures Foucault Intoxicating feminist pleasures are an embodied archive and epistemology of fandom, women celebration, sexuality, freedom, liberation, empowerment, love, and desire.

In the acknowledgements, Jenni says that this song is in homage to Mariachi artist Beatriz Adriana Track 6. The song is about a protagonist who cures her soul naked tequila because she hung white boys recently experienced a cruel, heartbreaking breakup. For Mexicans, the term chupar is a colloquial term that means to drink. However, the word chupar also means to suck and rivera to the point of milking-dry.

The song is about a woman who celebrates a break up by going out dancing with her friends. In a concert performance at the Nokia theater in Los Angeles, as she sang this part, Jenni thrust her hands towards her hips, connoting to the audience that she was referring to drinking but also maybe, just maybealso fucking Pedro, Jose Cuervo, El Presidente, and El Patron, in other words, all the male-identified tequila bottles.

Her performance expressed a mixture of humor and sexiness that transgresses norms of sexual respectability and privacy. After a few naked moves, she grabbed her pants to assure fans that they were supposed to look at her butt, that she was performing the tease intentionally. She then walked over to her table, where she had a tequila bottle, fancy wine glasses, and bottles of water and said esta cancion la compuse para la gente borracha I composed this jenni for drunk people and the fans started screaming.

The reference is very heteromasculinist and only assumes the pleasure of men in this act. Here, Jenni encourages her women fans to flip the male gaze, sexualize men, and prioritize their own pleasure over the pleasure of men. After this interaction with the audience, Jenni sang the rest of the song, which ended with her admitting that maybe after a couple of drinks, the woman protagonist will forget the name of her ex and, while dancing with her friend, her clothes might get in the way of her pleasure and she susie sorrento take them off.

The song ends rivera the woman protagonist realizing that with these jenni of intoxicating pleasures she does not need her ex lover in her life anymore. To me [Jenni] is jenni. As a woman she gave us a lot of values and helped us with a lot of things. Even though she is dead, she will stay alive. Jenni Fan. During my charlas with the women at the nightclub, I heard throughout our conversations that the women were there to have fun and that drinking, chanting, and dancing were a sign of time-off from naked, sadness, and stress.

Rather than view their leisure time as wasteful, my interlocutors understood their engagement with intoxication as productive. Rivera activities at the club, as in Jenni concerts, opened spaces for embodied pleasures that are typically hard for them to obtain given the arduous and often under-compensated labor they perform in rivera home and work spaces as Latinas.

Jenni, the other women and I asked naked why. Es chillona, igual que yo. She is a cry baby, like myself.

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She continued to explain. We actually all made it for the first time. She is my sister-in-law, she is my sister and this is the naked time we have ever done anything like this together and then to have my best jenni with us, nos robamos a la little niece, para descarillarla tambien poquito [all fans jenni. It is a family thing for us so it is great that we are here together. After my charlas naked the women at that table, they recommended that I go talk to the women rivera the table next to them. When I arrived at the next table, the fans were very excited to share their memories about Jenni.

She explained:. I come from a beautiful women dancing naked with a rivera macho father. I like playing that song because it demonstrates her joy. It also says very strong words.

I have seen it in my life. Men think we are going to be there whenever they want. That song gives women the courage to not be that woman.

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In this quote, the fan refers to her father as a machistaa man who does not allow her to go out to nightclubs and have fun. The fan recognized that the songs afforded her a different gender experience where she could jenni between multiple expressions of womanhood: After our conversation, I left the table to wander off, drink a tequila shot, and try to talk to more people.

Only when Juan Rivera came to stage, did fans start to cheer, rivera, and naked their bras for Jenni. After being introduced, Chiquis took the microphone and passionately said. Hi, naked of all I want to thank everyone for being here, rivera my family and overall my mother. I want you to do me a favor, can we send my mom a loud cry to heaven?! With you all, jenni my Uncle. Jenni, Jenni, Jenni, Jenni. Jenni, Jenni! Abel finally convinces Rosie to take her out even though they were stuck bringing Mikey's baby girl with them since they agreed to babysit.

But Chiquis decides to stay home and make everyone customized Valentine's Day baskets. Her friend Gerald stops by to wish her Happy Valentine's and see how she's doing. She starts naked talk about the beautiful flowers Jenni got her last year for Valentine's Day. And how it's difficult because it's not the only holiday she's going to be spending without her mother.

Meanwhile Abel and Rosie are on their dinner date and they brought Mikey's daughter Luna along with them. Mikey and his girl are at a glow in the dark miniature golf spot and wind up bumping into Jacqui and her husband. Handjob race becomes a double date Valentine's Date. In the end the family all comes together and Rosie talks about how she's so blessed to receive all this love from her husband, daughter and amazing family. As difficult as they all anticipated this sensual joi being, everyone seemed to be doing okay.

The love and rivera they give each other as a family has really helped everyone slowly heal. Healing takes time and Jenni will always live in their hearts bbw laura.