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As we've pointed out time and time againpeople have sex! And making a consensual sex tape in the privacy of one's own home is nothing to be ashamed of.

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Our society is obsessed with celebrities. We watch their shows, follow them on social mediaand go crazy when we hear about celebrity sex videos or nude scandals.

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I've watched a lot of celebrity sex tapes. Dozens of them.

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Inwhen Rob Lowe was just becoming a teen sensation, a sex tape featuring him and two women — one of whom was underage — was leaked to the press, leading many to assume it was the end of his fledgling career. Lowe had met the two women, Lena Jan Parsons and Tara Seburt, at an Atlanta nightclub, later driving them to his room at a nearby Hilton where he then filmed their sexual encounter.

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A celebrity sex tape is typically an amateur pornographic video recording involving one or more famous people which has, intentionally or unintentionally, been made available publicly.

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WHEN it comes to celebs, sex tapes are never far from our minds. It was the video which launched Kim K and the rest of the Kardashian and Jenner clan into the spotlight, after she filmed herself having sex with Ray J in