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A lot of trainers would say no. In fact, I disagree, and I believe that in a few specific ways, men and women need to train quite differently.

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Just as when you were younger, your body type will determine how easily - and just how much - muscle you can add.

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When I was first introduced to working out, I was the very young age of 4. Back then it was all low impact aerobics, light weights and teased hair!

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I want my butt to be more toned. I want to get rid of my lower belly pooch.

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For instance, I am okay with the us not seeing each other very often part.

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I have feeling you stopped pursuing anyone unlikely to go for you. It's like watching somone lose themselves in an abusive relationship.

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So do you just never give anything back to SOs in terms of time or small gestures. In other words, eternal marriage really is worth it, I think.