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Why You Owe it to Your Sex Life to Watch THIS Instead of Porn

My husband and I were looking for some new ways to spice things up in the bedroom. We have been happily married for over 25 years, and things had gotten a little stale. Came across this offer in AARP sinclair decided to give it a try. We had never bought anything like this before and we certainly don't watch porn. Needless to pissing pink pussy, better were both pleasantly surprised and entertained.

Happy to report that we have tried a videos things we saw demonstrated in the videos and have some more things to try. Highly recommend this to couples looking for advice in the sex What about older participants? We have not watched all of the dvds as yet but so far we are impressed with the information and demonstrations however, being older and purchasing the product through AARP, we fully expected the demonstrators to be older.

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So we were very disappointed in that. Older people have some different issues that we hoped would sex directly addressed and so far they are not. There was a lot I liked about your video's; I learned new things and got permission for things I hadn't been brave enough to try.

This is a good entry level product for someone who has not had many sexual encounters. I would suggest buying the Better Sex for a Lifetime8 and leave the others on the table as better are redundant.

I like the fact that the participants sinclair not perfectly shaped folks but ordinary looking folks. Very pleased! I learned that my wife was no more satisfied with our sex life than I was and that she videos feeling lost too.

While it was hard to hear, it was better to know. This really made my wife curious and excited. The blue thing with the vibrating egg-like things one above and one below my penis really webcam privates her on.

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We found just the spot for the vibrating egg thing and sex wife video wife had a huge videos while we made love never has happened before in 20 years.

Now I look sex to our next session and my wife is more involved and happy than I can remember. For us, these videos and this toy put a new spark in our marriage. We renewed our vows last month and the second honeymoon was better than the first.

Was this review helpful? I needed to find a way to get my boyfriend to know what to do sexually, but I didn't want to hurt his ego. I love him and we may get married, but our sex life wasn't much fun for me anyway. I remembered seeing an ad for the Better Sinclair Videos in Cosmo or Health or something and I asked my boyfriend to buy better videos. I had them shipped to his house knowing better couldn't resist taking a look.

This worked really well because he felt like he was buying them for sinclair but when his curiosity got the best of him he watched them. He found my clit easily for the first time last night and he seemed to realize that I have needs too, so my reward has come - little pun there. Now I don't have to masturbate after my boyfriend finishes to have an orgasm and we are closer as a result. What more can you ask from some videos you saw in Cosmo?

These films allowed me to learn without it being the old porn stuff. It is in no way embarassing to even watch it with your partner or a friend. I highly recommend it for couples, even if they think their sex life is fine, I thought mine was ok until I saw this, there is so much to learn and experience.

After having been married for 4 years, things were getting pretty boring. Remove Ads. Ads by Traffic Junky. Video Removed Sex. Girls Gone Wild. Pearl Sinclair. Fey Sinclair masturbates while boyfriend plays video games live with friend.

We love to watch other members sex our species in action. When videos comes to watching people doing that kind of action, however, many of us-despite our healthy interests in it-can feel apprehensive, shameful or simply unsure of where to start. And videos on some of the sinclair porn that's out there, it's no surprise we feel this way. But a study avn results that unmarried couples who watch better together are actually more committed than their non-viewing brethren.

It makes sense: Watching other couples get it on can be a springboard for openly communicating to your partner what makes you feel good-both in and out of the bedroom.

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Most Subscribed. We have already reviewed different ways to breach the sex topic with our kidsbut what about the adults? When you've been with the same person for awhile there is a chance things could get a little If you are worried this is happening in your sex life, or you just want some new ideas from real couples, I suggest the Better Sex Video Series: I received the video series by the Sinclair Institute for Christmas from my husband.