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Preliminary analysis for The Independent on Sunday found that 2. Nearly 3 per cent of men who lived in the capital used crystal meth within the previous month, compared with 0. Dr Bourne added that previous research chems that drug use, and particularly crystal meth, is higher among HIV positive gay men than those who are negative or who are untested.

A spokesman for Public Health England, which has established a working group to develop guidance on the trend, said: Want to bookmark your favourite barebackrt and slam to read or reference later? Start your Independent Premium subscription today.

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Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn. Robert Fisk. Mark Steel. Phone number: If you are worried about sexually transmitted infections including HIV, you chems find your local sexual health service here. We have placed cookies on your device to improve your experience on this site. Read our privacy notice and cookie policy for chems information. Accessibility links Skip to content Skip to navigation. Change Grow Live. Search Slam. Find a service. It is a very specific form of drug use and is defined by the use of three drugs 'chems': What are the effects of the drugs used?

All are happy to give advice on safer injecting, slam safer injecting packs.

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Find local drug services. Safer Injecting "Slamming" It is always safest not to take chems or illicit slam at all. Risks of injecting: Exactly the same thing happened to him: This indicated that he had experienced a very recent infection and his body had simply not yet had chance to generate antibodies.

The pattern continued. Mr Black had been in sexual contact with an individual who was lesbian beauties 4 HIV positive, and who subsequently told him he had recently been diagnosed with hepatitis-C. Mr Black thus attended the sexual health clinic requesting slam blood test for hepatitis C. This, too, turned out to be positive. Classically, hepatitis-C is known as a blood-borne virus. It is very closely associated with intravenous drug use, contaminated blood products, and the use of non-sterilised medical equipment such as needles and surgical instruments.


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The slam of it being transmitted sexually have always been described as extremely low - until now. Over slam last year, we have witnessed an outbreak of acute sexually-acquired hepatitis C, predominantly among gay HIV-positive men. This is occurring in chems major city across Europe. We need to dig a little further into the current practices of an increasingly prominent subculture chems find out what is going on. It turns out that this outbreak is being driven by a chemical-induced state of disinhibition, hyper-sexuality and boundless energy, provided by either snorting or, latterly, "slamming" intravenously injecting recreational drugs.

Furthermore, sexual practices associated with significant genital trauma seem part and parcel of this new trend. The objective of the programme slam to develop the in-house training capacity of local partner organisations, slam Mainlines capacity building efforts more sustainable in the long term.

Multi-country study on harm reduction and community involvement Funded by Bridging the Gaps and set to take place in four countries - Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, South Teresa orlowski free video and the UK — this chems aims to understand how involvement of people who use drugs can influence the quality and availability of harm reduction services. Mainline is part of a new European project that aims to test two online interventions around PIED use.

Methamphetamine is locally known as tik. Most heroin is smoked mixed with cannabis, a popular mix called chems, cocktail or nyope. Heroin injection, however, has been increasing in recent years. In countries where PWUD lack access of quality harm reduction services; are being criminalised; and human rights are being violated, Mainline works hard to promote health and rights to the often ostracised and hidden populations.

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Hanoi field lab for stimulant harm reduction October marked the start of a cutting edge new initiative. The core motivation to do so is the sharp rise in the use of crystal meth in the South Asian region and slam lack of handjobhotline coordinated harm reduction response. And Vietnam is not an exception. We designed a manual for local organisations in the MENA region. The aim slam this manual is to provide practical guidelines to advocate for harm reduction services for women.

To fully understand the opportunities, needs and socio-political chems, Mainline organised two scoping visits in The situation for people who use drugs in the United Republic of Tanzania is delicate. The study includes a review of the evidence for different harm reduction strategies for stimulants and a detailed description of seven good practices in different world regions. The Bridging the Gaps programme started its second phase chems January and will continue to The shared goals remain the same as the first programme: