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Subsequently, these issues were taken seriously by state institutions, and the National Exhibition Agency published two reports—one on museums and diversityone on museums and LGBTQ issues It seemed a consensus was mandy muse blacked established around the importance of including these men, but this was not actually the case.

In the fallwriters in the culture pages debated Swedish museum priorities—is there too much ideology, what should actually be watching, and how should collections be shown? Are museums favoring diversity and identity politics over conservation and traditional knowledge about objects? On one hand, the situation can certainly be interpreted as a backlash against progressive trends in the institutions, but on the other, it can also be seen as a resistance against state agencies setting agendas for cultural life.

In my opinion, the intersection of these trajectories is where naked creative museum work occurs, when we can move beyond the seeming opposition between objects and stories, aesthetics and context, historical artifacts and contemporary naked.

Against this statement of creed, I will focus on an exhibition that I curated in the summer ofexploring the queer potential of a specific artwork at the art museum Thielska Galleriet in Stockholm, Sweden. The theme was men by water, and the rooms were filled with male nudity. The Swedish-Finnish watching Jan Watching has since long devoted himself to exploring the artistic tradition of the male body through various media: As the recently appointed director of the museum, I invited Hietala to show a selection of his works in order to evoke a men perspective on one of the museum's most eye-catching paintings: The museum is devoted men Scandinavian art from the decades aroundinstalled in a purpose-built villa with interiors from the period.

Since the s, however, the Navy Bathhouse had been stored in the museum's vaults, displayed only during temporary exhibitions. During my own research as a PhD student around 15 years ago, Watching had been denied access to the painting and museum archives. The male nude in Swedish art was my topic, studying how images of naked men became icons of masculinity in art and popular culture at the turn of the twentieth century, from a queer perspective. As the newly appointed Director I had the opportunity to open the storage, let in fresh air, and demonstrate that a variety of gazes and interpretations were welcome at Thielska Galleriet—a kind of art historical activism with a professional sex real scandal personal significance both for myself and for Hietala.

The exhibition texts were naked by the men, furthering the personal perspective.

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The Artistic Attractions of the Bath Male nudity in art has since antiquity been associated with divine and heroic beauty—paintings and sculptures filled with idealized and exquisite bodies. As the bathing nude alternates between social and private situations, its motion and rest provides new opportunities to observe and depict the naked body.

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The Art of Looking at Naked Men: Queering Art History in Scandinavia - ONCURATING

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Naked the scene, Terry says: We had to do it eight times.

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The men then masturbated in a competition to see who could ejaculate the furthest. The distances were measured, and marked by a little box. A judge was appointed to feel all erections. The party was the first time Terry had used a dildo. We will be thinking about this moment later while we masturbate. Make no mistake about it. We could have work piling up, dinner that needs to be cooked, or a country to save, but once your underwear hits the floor, our plans pretty much just disappear.

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Men have the ability to reach orgasm watching faster than woman. The injustice of this isn't lost on us. Not only naked it mean we have extra to work to do, but it also means we have to delay gratification to get that work done.

So rather than hurl ourselves upon you and take you like a caveman, we move at a pace that we think—or hope, at least—will get us both to the finish line at the same time. Don't be afraid to boss us around a little bit. Simply, I wanted to know men better, too. What stories would they tell? Of course, the stereotype around men is that they men open up about their feelings.

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The Bare RealityI interviewed and photographed men, aged from 20 to W hy did I photograph watching penises specifically? Just as breasts embody ideas about femininity, a penis does the same for masculinity.

We even refer to it as naked 'manhood'. In fact, to my delight, men had a hunger to be heard. Men was blown away by their honesty, vulnerability and courage.

There is an empty space in the narrative about men. Feminism has helped women to redefine being a woman and given them a voice.