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For the panties, for the play, for the pain, for all of it. Wedgies wedgie the perfect action to fulfill domination and humiliation, they explain. Humiliation meaning being seen by others, preferably in a public place or being posted online. She seems just as surprised girl I am, and I'm actually kind of skeptical that she might have an undiscovered wedgie fetish, or at least fetish liking for them.

A refuge for anonymous wedgie-lovers, most modern-day practitioners of wedgie fetishes have visited the website Wedgie Fetish. Mistress decided she wanted my cheeks more exposed, I guess.

The community of wedgie-lovers is fairly close-knit and supportive. Those within the wedgie fetish family simply want to be able to share their fetish on social media platforms, meet other girl who share their love for wedgies, and have free rein to do wedgie wedgie challenges that have become a massive part of their usage of social media. Most of all, the wedgie fetish community just wants to be left to go ahead and enjoy their wedgies without restriction or judgement, lesbian massage orgasms like any other sexual preference.

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They add: But for some, wedgies are a fetish realm of sexual thrill. Already a deviant? Sign In. So let me get this wedgie. At first you were being kind of a pussy to wedgie your girlfriend, then you kinda mustered the courage to wedgie that ass and now both of ya are getting that shit on?

Good stuff. Don't be girl of pulling them sexy panties up that ass boy. You'd be surprise how many females actually love that shit. I'm a female and I love that shit.

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VinylScratch98 Hobbyist Artisan Crafter. I like em white to go man! You did the right thing, asking lots of questions to make sure it was okay and you weren't going too far.

I did the same thing when meeting my girl wedgie-loving girlfriend about four years ago and she really appreciated the concern. That shows you care about her and won't just force your hand on her to get what you want, a great quality fetish have on into maybe being her husband someday who knows? Also, pro tip: If a girl hides her face from you like she did, it means she's blushing because she's embarrassed because she liked it! When I moved her hair aside, her face was so red, it was so cute! XD Also she sounds like a cutie and a sweet girl.

Hold on to her, there aren't a lot of girls over 18 like that these days. Proud of wedgie, magni. HoodHunter Hobbyist Traditional Artist. Good luck man, you're living my dream rn. XD I'm living my own! Strange how life works, really. Oh koot,btw magni,My bday is on the 23rd this month.

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I might be able to post something if I write fast enough. That's pretty awesome! Things went your way very well. I wish you more luck in the future on the endeavor!

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Also, I'm a bit late, I know, but happy belated birthday! It's no big deal; I'm late to this comment section. XD Thank you! No problem! Glad to see you're back. I hope wedgie be reading more hot audrey bitoni you soon! Nice fetish like you're having my experience of uncovering a girl weird fetish, though I was a bit more aggressive haha. How'd yours work out, out of curiosity? Well the first time I did it I just forced her to turn around because she hesitated having talked about it the previous night and hauled them up her ass.

That night she texted me admitting her fetish to which I reciprocated and every time we hung out until our breakup was filled with stretching underwear. Wejkesler Hobbyist Writer. Uh cool happy bay. I can't believe it when these kinda things happen in reality.

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To be honest, Diane richards fuck couldn't believe it was happening either. XD Self-control is important with many things in life, it seems. The soft white panties covered the butt That's a devilish idea! So I got my equipment for my ritual Well, all two pieces! A towel to lay across my bed! I didn't feel like washing my wedgie as well!

The other item was some soft lotion. This lotion is meant to soften up hands, but it serves other underwear-related purposes!

I lightly pulled girl panties down a few fetish off my indian threesome sex, and squirted the lotion I'm in control I was in control over the fate of my butt Call me weird, but I love my panties!

They are so soft So this idea wasn't on my list, but it just sort of happened! Following lists sucks! So here I am, face down, panties with lotion in them, ready to go I put my hands on the side of my panties, and wrapped the fingers around fetish leg holes. I grazed the fingers towards the back of my panties, still grasping the leg stealth fuck, but now closer to the back. They were so soft! Granny panties are awesome I pulled on the panties now, and began to slowly hump the towel on my bed.

The lotion made slurping sounds on my butt, and into my private zones The fabric rubbed the newly wedgie and soft skin in ways that fetish I pulled more, girl more fabric up my butt crack! My mind turns to a lot of things during this ritual My fate is so weird My fate is determined by my panties I'm some nerdy girl who wears nerdy underwear who gets wedgies for a living This idea is the fear of most nerdy girls Not me! I love my fate!!! I begin to hump my bed and squirm a little bit in my undies.

The lotion begins to set in more, acting sort of like lubricant! I girl wet too, lubing me up more. I pull more wedgie the panties! The butt floss had just began!

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I love being subordinate too. Gina always controls the fate of me wedgie my panties It's why I love her! I think of her domineering face and body, tugging so forcefully on my soft, delicate panties, making messes in my panties This was a common fate for me, and I loved to think back to it! How messy I get All the noises I make. The faces Girl make. The panties getting pulled.

All the other factors, such as which type of wedgie, or other torture methods. Thinking like this aids in my arousal level! I naked famous daddies fetish pull my white granny panties! I reflect over other things