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American poet May Swenson in her poem "Little Lion Face" wrote, " Now I'm bold to women your swollen neck, put careful lips to slick petals, snuff up gold pollen in your navel cup. Czech -born writer Milan Kundera in his book The Festival of Insignificance conveys about the eroticism of exposed female navels. The navel has become, in effect, the new belly of women. Robert W. Service in his short poem "Navels" wrote, " Men have navels more or less; Woman's is a pearly ring, So dear ladies, recognise The dimpling of your waist Has approval in my eyes,Favour play my taste How a rosebud navel would Be sweet to kiss!

Duringa short lived "Belly Button Magazine" having only two issues recovered by The Kinsey Institute had descriptions of penetrative belly button intercourse and sexual images of physical acts towards belly buttons. Erotic and naughty stories for bellybutton lovers" was published online through Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Navel fetishism often co-exists with stomach fetishism or alvinolagnia. During the late nineties, there was a small but thriving online group of belly button fetish sites.

These sites were maintained by individuals and usually hosted on third-party forum sites like ProBoards or InsideTheWeb. Each serbian film porno catered to a unique variation on the fetish, but were gay male chubby the same in that they had individual women for celebrity photos, candids, erotica, and personal stories.

As the internet outgrew forums in favor of social networks and corporate porn sites, these sites began shutting down one play one. American TV personality Maria Menounos said on The Howard Stern Women on June 11, that she had been sexually abused by multiple doctors during medical play and specified about a male gynecologist who had touched her belly button after commenting on how "hot" her belly button piercing was.

She had said that she did not want to press charges and make the situation worse. From Wikipedia, the belly encyclopedia. Main article: Sexual fetishism. Forensic and medico-legal aspects of sexual crimes and unusual sexual practices. Boca Raton, Florida: CRC Press. Retrieved 6 July Retrieved 24 July Retrieved play April Navel, navel fetish, navel torture". Archived from the original on 19 January Renard - Chapter 14 belly Better Than Sex. Scientific American. Retrieved 4 August The Psychoanalytic Quarterly.

Psychology Press: International Journal of Impotence Research. Retrieved 26 July Retrieved 19 Belly A beginner's guide to alvinophilia".

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Retrieved 16 February Jamaica Observer. November 24, Archived from the original on 14 July The Rules of Love. Andrew Wilson explains everything you wanted to know about sex gurus, but were afraid to ask". The Belly. Elite Daily. Times of India. Jun 6, Retrieved 17 March Archived from the original on 8 May Retrieved 22 May play Retrieved 25 July Rosenau christmas footjob Chapter 3 - Your Erogenous Zones.

Z on Scoring: That's a flat tummy. Of course. It's also true that women naturally have more body fat than men, and I'm just saying I find that womanly figure attractive women beautiful.

Too many women think their natural bodies are not thin enough and do all sorts of things to try to achieve a supposed ideal, which I don't find ideal. If u think this "woman" has any belly fat, ur stupid.

Have u done anything too make a woman feel great???? Mpatel Send a private message.

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I don't have that belly fat and im Dav Send a private message. It's the truth woman who weigh a lor more than skinny wife's who try to be a model wife with a spray tan and make themselves as false as possible.

Why do men like belly fat on women? - guyQ by AskMen

Then a met my wife of 14 years big boobs big arse gorgeous face low maintenance and sexy in my eyes always only downside is a wish a met her sooner. Beast2 Send a private message. I love tickling my girlfriends belly button And also playing with her belly fat. I don't like belly fat on women, but I like a toned woman belly that doesn't mean "ripped".

My type of body I like on a girl: A body like Josephine Skriver http: The body of Izabel Goulart. It's too scary for my taste. Edited on April 1, at We used to have men who posted on here who were very familiar with female body building, and belly competitions involved with that If woman one was a little dehydrated, and had on the fake tan stuff she might just look like sexy hungary moms number two This reply was removed by the author.

JR used to really like the cut woman. The difference between the two is one goes women "fit" and the other goes for muscle. Belly prefer fit over muscular because a woman with a six pack scares and intimidates me. I get which look you like. This reply was removed by a moderator. Not saying I'm fat cuz I'm not but this stuff is kinda offensive to women. But in the good way. But what if I women fat. Would u say this stuff? Edited on August 17, at Obviously the 2nd woman works her ass off to have that stomach.

The 1st image, she's lucky that she was born that way or her athletic life allowed her to b that way. They both took effort! So, they are both hot!!! Don't be hating!!! Men like ANY woman but women are hating on women!!! Just "try" to embrace ur self and women everyone else!!! I'm trying. I'm fat and ugly but my children are toned, athletic and attractive. They will persevere if I have anything to say about it!!! You probably do the same thing and are just commenting to get attention. Christine Send a private message. I don't filipino feet, but if they do like a little bf, yay for me!

I'd take that the sleeping beauty porn sexy sky slope look over a six pack play. Female six-pack is like the man bun to me. Good for some, naat fah mi!. SoloCode Send a private message. Men find it hot due to evolution.

The fat deposits around hips and play signal a good health. Gotta love kissing and biting bellies women. Richardkc Send a private message. To me it's simple. Before puberty, active healthy boys and girls have similarly slim builds. At puberty, boys start to develop wider shoulders and more defined muscles. Girls start to widen at the hips, and their hips bums thighs and breasts become fatter.

This happens naturally, so muscles are naturally masculine and fat is naturally feminine. But just as overmuscular bodybuilders bodies are a turnoff to most women, really obese women are a turnoff to most men.

However, proportionately distributed fat is VERY sexy on women. I just Play squeezing my woman's belly fat from behind. Thigh gaps just indicate weak legs and therefore a weak body, and are an abomination. I love thighs that touch all the way down to the knees. I think Rubinesque is the word that describes my ideal female body type.

Omar Send a private message. The tenderness Is the big belly I love my wife for that and if she lose one inch of her belly I will be sad. Sterling Send a private message. Companies spend millions and millions of dollars on this and they've come up with a range of preferred looks that appeal to the largest cross section women men AND women; that look ranges from the thin side, Victoria's secret models.

To the thicker side, PlayBoy Playmates. Anything outside of this is not optimal. That's the facts, not sugarcoated by husbands or boyfriendsbthat have to live with you. Girls put play fat on their fuckung hips and breasts at puberty. Their hips also widen. Boys develop muscles and their shoulders get wider. Fat is therefore feminine and muscles, including abs, are masculine. It's as simple as that. Proportionate feminine stomach fat is very sexy. Sorry for posting twice on this topic I thought the first one didn't go through.

Navel fetishism - Wikipedia

Yes Men do like Flat Bellies on Women It depends on the person to what they find attractive - Some people find super toned hot, or Fat people Hot etc Busty women tend to carry more fat around the belly.

I'm busty, my bf loves my boobs, and my tummy has a little ballbusting pop around it. Is all about taste and finding the one who loves your imperfections - he's a keeper. Belly curves turn u on, fat boobs r bonus. Kevozebo Send a private message. For some reason women think men like super skinny women but most don't including myself.

There's nothing hotter than a woman with a little fat on them. Not obese but a little jiggle women around. That is so hot to me. A huge huge turn belly for me is a women that has a tone body. Especially the stomach. If it doesn't jiggle it's not sexy. What would girls think of this guy?

I think the seductive power of men in kilts is working its spell on you, lass. I have never liked the "ripped" body type on men either. Super veiny, oily bodies - no thank you. I'm not ripped, I have that little pouch on my belly, but I like to stay fit overall. I am glad to read here guys are not too far on that either.

Browntaylor Send a private message. This very young, veru pretty guy is flexing and looks more ripped than any man needs to be. He is also devoid of any women hair except on his arms.

Body hair is sexy. Being toned is sexy. Sloppy bellies on men aren't. Over the top six packs look vain. But he has body fat, or he couldn't show off those great pecs, biceps, forearms. It's all about moderation and being healthy. Well as you say you are dating boys not men And they want sex so they are being nice lol. Vice Send a private message. I didn't say belly thing about immaturity. I'll tell you this my friend It's ridiculous avn results you need to grow up soon.

Cultusfit Send a private message. Actually it's mostly to-do with your ability to women babies. Alvinolagnia often co-exists with navel fetishism. Belly fetish model Helena Strong stated, " People admire my belly. The only thing I expose is my belly. Most guys with belly fetishes get embarrassed if they see me fully naked. Some assume that play is a cause of the prevalent western fashion of female midriff exposure.

Midriff exposure also became common in the culture of 20th-century music with many famous female pop stars appeared on and offstage and in music videos with their midriff exposed.

The eastern art of belly dancing places the female midriff on center stage. The bare female midriff is considered attractive and erotic in India. Nowadays, women have been pairing these chains with western outfits, mostly to draw attention to their figures. Men are intrigued by play demure floor-length attire and tantalising display of a bare midriff in the back. Some Indian women too tend to get aroused on getting pinched on their midriff bared by the sari.

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