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He'll pitch in when he can, but that isn't too often.

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My surgeon husband of 12 years just made himself a "free agent" when he cheated on me and our three kids with a gal 12 years his junior. In areas with lots of single Mormons of dating and marriageable age, the Church has established singles wards.

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But now he is a senior doc and is called on for all the difficult stuff and can't or won't say no. By the way I work full time about 60 hours a week with my company and seem to never miss anything for my kid and can do all his bullshit also.

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Then she can have a chance to actually be the individual she is, and they can have an adult conversation about their future and whether or not they have one. Stick around on this sub.

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I learned how truly very Mormon I really am, to the deepest part of my soul. Attacking other posters is not allowed, but this forum recognizes the difference between a belief and the person holding to that belief.


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